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My top 10 most read wedding stationery blog posts for 2021

Here we are, hurtling towards Christmas and the end of the year – I mean seriously, where did it go!? Before we hit 2022 running, I wanted to have a quick round up of some of the things I’ve been talking about here on my blog this year. I tried to pick out my favourite posts, aaaaaand I couldn’t. So.. I thought I’d take a look at my web stats and see which ones you’ve been reading the most and hopefully finding the most useful.

Here they are -this year’s most read wedding stationery blog posts. Enjoy!

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1. What does “carriages at midnight” actually mean on a wedding invitation?

Written in June, I really enjoyed putting this blog together. It’s all about the, sometimes, weird sounding language that we use in wedding invitations. Carriages at midnight, for example, is just a lovely, polite way of letting your guests know when the party finishes and what time they should book their cab home. It doesn’t have to be midnight, of course, that’s just my inner Cinderella getting a look in!!

2. What names do you put on your wedding table plan?

So, what names do you use on your table plan an place cards; first names only, full names, names and titles? I get asked this ALL the time; in meetings, by email, on social media etc etc. Probably why I wrote this in July – height of wedding season when the table plans were flying out at a rate of knots. The quick answer is that it’s really up to you, but this blog has some great tips and guidelines for when you need them.

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3. Which name goes first on a wedding invitation?

Another blog post about names, but this time on wedding invitations. Who goes first, Bride or Groom? Two brides, or two grooms – what then? Well, again (you’re going to get bored of me saying this!) there are no rules. Go with whatever you’re most comfortable with. This blog has lots of great tips and advice – save it for when you’re ready to get those invitations sorted!

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4. Nine details to include on your wedding invitation information cards

Guest information or wedding details cards are commonplace in wedding invitations now. But what do you actually put in them? It’s a fine balance between giving your guests just enough info to be prepared, and overloading them with too much detail. My checklist on this blog will help you decide what you need and what you don’t.

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5. What stamps will you need for your wedding invitations?

Getting the right postage on your invitations is a must. I actually wrote this as a blog post back at the beginning of 2020. I’ve since converted it to a proper page on my website and you get a QR code link to it when you collect your finished invitations from me. All part of the service.

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6. 12 things you might not know about wedding RSVP

Did you know that RSVP is an abbreviation of “répondez s’il vous plaît” which is French for “please reply”. You use it in a written invitation to signal that you require a response from your guests. There are 11 other things that you might not know about RSVPs in this blog – go have a read and learn all about them.

jo davies wedding photographer

7. Welsh Wedding Wonder Woman – Jo Davies, Photographer

Back in 2020 (when wedding work was shall we say – thin on the ground!), I started a little series of blog posts spotlighting some of the amazing women working in the Welsh wedding industry. This was the most recent in that series. Jo is a fabulous wedding photographer, go have a read all about her and her business.

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8. How to address your wedding invitations

Another one of those questions I get asked all the time. How do we address our guests on our wedding invitations? First names only? Full names? Mr & Mrs? Guess what – again, there are no hard and fast right or wrong answers. It will mainly depend on who the invitation is coming from i.e. from parents, families, or the couple themselves. Lots of tips and advice here, go have a look.

alice in wonderland themes wedding table plan

9. Five alternative ideas for your wedding table plan

Getting near the end of my top ten most read wedding stationery blog posts now. Here’s one about table plans. Wedding table plans are a great way to get creative. It’s the perfect opportunity to let a little of your personalities shine through on your big day. Head over to this blog for some cool and quirky table plan inspo.

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10. How much do wedding invitations cost?

This is a biggy, and yes – yet another one that generally gets a response of “weeeeeell, it depends”. It’s a bit of a ‘how long is a piece of string’ type question and it really is down to what style of invite you’re looking for, what inserts and extras you need, and whether or not you need any bespoke design work. Want to find out more? Go have a read.

Bonus, late entry – Cara & Jack’s surprise Welsh winter wedding

I couldn’t put together a best of 2021 blogs without including this one, so it gets a late entry! Cara & Jack’s intimate winter wedding, just before we went back into lockdown at the end of 2020. I so loved creating the invites and stationery for this, and the images from Johnny Hathaway Photography are just divine. Do go and have a read.

And there you go. A quick little round-up of my most read wedding stationery blog posts in 2021. Lots of questions about wedding invites and stationery, obvs, and hopefully lots of useful answers too. I really enjoy addressing different topics each week on my blog. Do you have a burning question that you’d like me to write about in future posts? Drop me an email or head over to Insta and DM me. I have lots of ideas for posts in 2022 already lined up – it’s going to be an exciting and busy year here at the studio. If you want to keep up to date with all the goings-on, sign up for my newsletter – you’ll get a free, bonus wedding stationery guide and checklist too!

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For now, though, I’m signing off for 2021. It’s been a rollercoaster year and I’m looking forward to some downtime with my family. Have a wonderful festive season, however you celebrate, and I’ll see you in the new year.