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Wedding Invitation Wording – Which name goes first on a wedding invitation?

Which name goes first on a wedding invitation is probably THE most asked question when it comes to wording for wedding invitations. Whose name should go first, the bride or the groom? And what about same sex marriages, what’s the etiquette there? And yes, you guessed it – there’s not really a wrong or right. It’s really a case of what you (and depending on the circumstances, your family) feel comfortable with. Whichever order you chose for the names though, it’s a good idea to then keep this constant throughout the rest of the stationery. To begin with we need to explore the history and traditions surrounding names on wedding invitations.

Why is the Bride’s name often seen first?

When you are researching which name goes first on a wedding invitation, you’ll often find it’s the bride. Why is this? Well as far as I can tell, it’s because traditionally a wedding would be hosted (paid for!) by the parents of the bride and therefore her name would be first.

So what if the bride’s parents aren’t hosting, which name goes first then?

Well it really is up to you. If the invitations are coming from either set of parents then it makes sense that their child’s name should go first, but it’s not a hard and fast rule. If you as a couple are hosting then go with whatever order you prefer. Sometimes your names just sound right one way around and not the other, right? Some couples choose the order because their initials sit better one way then the other, particularly if they are using a monogram in their invitation design.

What about same sex couples – which name goes first on a wedding invitation then?

Again, very much your personal choice and the same advice applies. Are you usually known as a couple with your names in a certain order? Is one or other set of parents hosting the wedding? If you can’t choose an arrangement between you then how about opting for alphabetical order? 

What will fit best on the invitation card

One thing that all couples should consider is the layout of the text on the invitation itself. If you are having a decorative edge around the text then it may just be that the names fit better one way or the other. If you’re not fussed on standing by tradition then this could make your decision for you. You can also think ahead to your other stationery here too, things like your order of the day and table plan. What order will you be putting your names in on those?

Which name goes first on a wedding invitation – key things to consider

So when you’re drafting out the wording for your wedding invitations, and deciding whose name should go first consider:

  • Tradition and etiquette
  • Who is hosting (paying for) the wedding
  • Alphabetical order
  • What are you (as a couple) usually known as
  • What looks and fits best in the design of the invitation (and other stationery)

The key is really not to overthink it. If something sounds right, and looks good on then go for it. It’s your big day, do it your way.

I hope you’ve found this blog exploring which names goes first on a wedding invitation helpful. If you are in the throes of putting together the wording for your invitations then do head over and have a look at my other blogs that will help you too.

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As always, if you’d like any help or advice on wording or which name goes first on a wedding invitation (or anything else invite or stationery related!). Drop me a line. 

I’d love to hear from you. You’ll find daily tips and inspiration there too.


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