About Jo

Chief perfectionist and Cardiff wedding invitations designer

wedding invitation designer Jo in her Cardiff studio

I’m passionate about paper, perfection and the planet

My guess is you’re planning your wedding (congrats!) and are on the hunt for some fabulous invitations and stationery.

If, like me, you are obsessed with pretty paper products and have a thing about all the little details being just perfect, then you are in the right place.

I am also deeply passionate about looking after our planet. I’d love to show you how you can have beautiful, luxury wedding invitations and stationery in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. I promise that doesn’t mean using brown paper and string for everything!

hands of a wedding stationery designer at work, making wedding invitations

Cardiff wedding invitations designer since 2006

I set up By Jo in 2006, not long after I had my eldest daughter. I didn’t have a business plan, just a love of making things from paper and a bucket load of determination.

My business has grown over the years, mostly through word of mouth (which always gives me a warm & fuzzy feeling!). It’s now my full-time job and I have one or two hand-picked, perfectionist assistants that help me out when things get busy.

Don’t take my word for it, check out some of the kind words from couples I’ve been lucky enough to work with. You can check out my awards there too, fancy!!

Nice things people say about me

Jo in shorts and a hoody, next to her camper van on the beach

Beach loving, spreadsheet obsessed campervan fan

I live in Taffs Well, just outside Cardiff in South Wales. I’m married to Rich and we have two daughters, now in their teens.

When I’m not being a Cardiff wedding invitations designer, playing with paper and ribbons in my studio I’m usually off travelling somewhere with my family in our VW camper van.

On the weekends we often head off to the coast or to a festival.

I also love swimming, yoga, cheese, and spreadsheets – but maybe not in that order.

Eco friendly & sustainable wedding stationery

Over the last few years I’ve been trying really hard to live more sustainably. Being conscious of what I consume, reducing waste and being more mindful about my everyday impact on the environment.

I firmly believe that I have a responsibility to look after our beautiful planet for my children and generations beyond them. 

So while I love to create beautiful things with paper, I am now determined to do this with minimal impact on the environment. It’s a journey, I’m far from perfect but I want every step I take to be in the right direction.

About my efforts to be eco-friendly

the by jo wedding invitations studio

Cardiff wedding invitations designer, working from my home based studio

I work from a little blue studio in my garden, I call it the Beach House. For me, it’s the perfect balance of working from home but also having a dedicated space where I can fully immerse myself in creativity. I’d love it if you come to visit me one day.

Yes, it’s a home studio, not an office or a shop, but rest assured it’s a real, full time ‘proper’ business. I have insurance, contracts and all the other things you need for peace of mind on your big day.

5 reasons to come & visit my studio

Fun facts about me

I am a little bit obsessed with spreadsheets. Creating the perfect vlookup and a sexy pivot table is my idea of a great Friday night in.

I like to put gravy on sausage, mash and, baked beans. Sorry, not sorry.

My favourite tipple is a Dark & Stormy, with spiced rum and really fiery ginger beer. Failing that, a trusty old Malbec is my go to (with cheese, always cheese obvs).

wedding stationery designer Jo in her Cardiff studio

You can pick my brains, I’ll hold your hand

Yeah, not as weird as I made that sound! Over the years I’ve worked with countless couples and fellow wedding suppliers in South Wales, the UK and beyond. I’ve seen trends come and go (and come again!). I’ve honed and fine tuned my design and business processes and I’ve learnt so much (like you wouldn’t believe how much) about weddings. 

I would love to share all of this experience with you, to help and guide you through choosing your invitations and stationery and to make it a thoroughly enjoyable and stress free process. 

When you choose me to be your Cardiff wedding invitations designer you don’t just get the beautiful, sustainable paper goodies, you get to pick my brains at every step of the way.

What do I mean by holding your hand? Well, once you’re booked into my diary I’ll do all I can to take any stress away. I’ll be in touch whenever it’s time to confirm details or numbers, I’ll send you reminders, and I’ll give you all the help you need to work out the finer details. But most importantly I’ll be here – ready and happy to answer any questions you have as you go along.

5 reasons to work with me


Not ready to get in touch yet? It’s OK, I get it. Why not come and stalk me on instagram for a while, or hop over to Pinterest and give me a follow (in know you’re on there, you’re planning a wedding!). We can get to know each other a bit more before making it official 😉