Wedding Invitation Wording – 9 details to include on your wedding information card

The wedding information card has become a popular addition to wedding invitations. The invitations themselves will contain all the essential information about when and where the ceremony and reception will be held. The wedding information card should include all the extra details that will help your guests plan and prepare for your big day. But what do you need to include and which bits can be left out? Here’s our checklist to make sure you’ve considered everything.

Where EXACTLY are the wedding ceremony and reception being held?

Your main wedding invite will mention where you are getting married and the the location for the reception that follows. Your wedding information card should include the full address and postcode (for Sat Nav) for each of the venues. You can also note down the websites of the venues if they have useful details like maps and directions on them.

Is there parking at the venue, are you laying on any transport?

It’can be really helpful for your guests include information about parking. For example, if you church if in the centre of town and parking is tricky, mention this in your wedding information card. It will help your guests plan and ensure they leave enough time to park safely. If you plan to lay on any transport for your guests e.g. from the ceremony to reception, pop those details in too.

Can they stay over at the venue or nearby?

If there is accommodation available for guests at your venue then let your guests know. Give them the details of any special rates or, instructions on how to book and the appropriate contact details. You can also suggest some nearby alternatives, remembering to consider all price points.

What time do you want your guests to arrive?

Your invitation should always state the ceremony time, but it’s likely you will need your guests to arrive and be seated a little before this. You might have arranged for arrival drinks before the ceremony, in which case let your guests know. Use a line something like this:

‘Please arrive from 12.30pm to be seated for the ceremony to begin at 1.00pm prompt.’

And what time should they go home?

“Carriages at night” Sounds fancy doesn’t it? Actually it’s just a traditional way of letting your guests know what time the celebrations will end. It’s helpful if they need to pre-book taxis or arrange transport home after the reception.

Should you put the menu on your wedding information card?

If you are giving your guests the opportunity to pre-order from several menu options then you will need to include this too. If you have the space it’s a nice idea to include the full menu on the information card and then tick boxes on the reply card for guests to show their choices. As a side note to this – remember to always ask for dietary requirements when your guests reply, either via an RSVP card, website, phone or email (see our blog HERE for more info on this).

What do you want them to wear?

We’d like to think that your friends and family would choose appropriate attire for your big day. You only really need to mention dress code your wedding information card if it’s something specific like black tie.

Do you have a gift list?

If you choose to include details of your wedding gift list (or an alternative poem requesting money or vouchers) then the wedding information card is the place to put it. You may want to have a separate card dedicated to just this information, especially if you have chosen a longer poem. Wondering if it’s OK to ask for money instead of gifts – have a read of my blog HERE.

Can they bring the children?

If you are choosing not to have children (or only certain close family) at your wedding then you can make this clear on your wedding information card. Don’t feel bad about it, it’s your day. Believe me, many parents will welcome the opportunity to have a day off!!

Greenery pocketfold invitation with menu, information & reply cards

Finally: don’t overdo the details on your wedding information card

I’ve suggested a lot of information here to include with your wedding invitations. BE SELECTIVE, if something in this list isn’t relevant to your wedding, leave it out. Your wedding information card should only include things that your guests need to know about before the big day. Give them enough detail to plan and prepare but don’t overload with pages of instructions and minutia.

When you book your bespoke design consultation with me I’ll go through all of these points and help you decide which ones are relevant or not. Have a browse through some of our info and reply card design HERE.

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