A concertina folded wedding invitation with an autumnal style print

No children on a wedding invite: 6 ways to put it politely

How to say no children at your wedding, but politely, on your wedding invitation? It’s a tricky one isn’t it? Depending on your guest list, the message can simply be put out by word of mouth. If you want to include something a little more formal, then you should include some sort of wording to say no children on a wedding invite.

So how do you say no children on a wedding invite?

You want the message to be clear, but at the same time you don’t want to offend or upset anyone. In my years of designing wedding invitations have helped countless couples find just the right wording for no children at their wedding. Here are some of the phrases and wording we have used.

A wedding invitation, details card, and matching rsvp card. All printed with a dusky blue floral design.
The details card is a great place to include your ‘adult only wedding’ wording. This is a bespoke design based on my Navy Floral collection, and is a flat invitation with matching details & RSVP cards, all wrapped up in a printed vellum jacket and finished with a gold wax seal

1. No children on a wedding invite, unless they are named

Regrettably we are unable to accommodate children unless they are named on the invitation.

Traditional etiquette says that parents should not assume their children are invited if they are not named on the invitation. You can use this wording within your invitation to reinforce this and make everything super clear.

2. If your ‘no children’ decision is down to numbers

We regret that due to the large number of children within our family and friends, we have decided to make our wedding day an adult only occasion.

If it’s down to sheer numbers, let your guests know. I’m sure they will appreciate that if inviting all the kids could double the guest list, then it’s not really a practical (or affordable) option.

A pocketfold wedding invitation with a blush pink outer. Inserts printed with a bold burgundy and navy blue floral design
Pocketfold are a great choice if you have lots of extra details to include for your guests. This one is from my Burgundy Floral collection.

3. No children means a day off for parents

We regret that we are unable to invite children to the wedding. We hope that you can join us and enjoy a ‘day off’ in our company.

As a parent myself, seeing these words on a wedding invite would fill me with joy (I do love my kids, honest!). It’s not often the opportunity arises to leave the little ones at home, get glammed up, and indeed enjoy a day off in adult company.

4. A short way to say no children on a wedding invite

Respectfully an adult occasion.

Short, sweet, and straight to the point. If space is limited on your wedding invitation then this is a great option. I am also a firm believer that on YOUR wedding day there is no need to apologise for or even explain your decisions. If you feel the same then this a great way to say no children on your wedding invite.

seed paper wedding invitation with a printed wildflower design
Concertina invitations have loads of space for you to include extra info, such as your ‘no children at the wedding’ wording. This one is printed on plantable seed paper and is from my Meadow flowers collection

5. No children, other than the wedding party

We regret that we are unable to accommodate children, other than those in the wedding party. No children are invited to the evening reception….it’s time to have fun!!

Maybe you will have a couple of flower girls and a page boy or two at your ceremony and the wedding breakfast. If you want to make this clear to your guests then you can use something like this.

6. Adult only wedding, but in a light hearted way

While we love to see children laugh and play, our wedding will be an adult only kind of day.

One of my personal favourites, this option is clear and to the point but with a light hearted twist. How could anyone possibly be offended by this!?

A modern wedding invitation. It is a navy blue pocket style with inserts printed on blush pink
Navy blue and blush pocketfold wedding invitation from my Modern Monogram collection

These are some examples of text that I have used over the years as different ways to say no children on a wedding invite. Of course, there are no hard and fast rules. You know your guests better than anyone. Choose wording that will resonate with them and that you feel comfortable with. All of these examples can be customised and adapted to suit your personal situation and wedding invitations. Do remember, though, that it’s your wedding and you should not feel the need to apologise or make an explanation.

Finally, where do you include the wording for no children on a wedding invite?

In my experience, it’s best to include it somewhere in your additional details, or your guest information card. You want the message to be clear and unmissable, but you don’t need to take centre stage on the main part of the invitation.

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Penning the perfect wording for no children in a wedding invite is something I will personally help all my couples with (if they need it). That, along with how to word the main invitations, what other details to include in their wedding invites and other important things like when to send wedding invitations and how long you should give guests to reply. It’s all part of the service. When you book in with me to have your wedding invitations and stationery designed you will get access to an exclusive client area of my website where there are loads more guides, checklists and templates to help you get everything perfect.

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