navy wedding invitation with watercolour floral inserts

Wedding invitation style: How to choose the right one

Wedding invitation style, which one will be best for you, how do you choose? If you are just starting out on your wedding planning journey, you are probably totally confused by all the different wedding invite jargon out there. Do you need a pocketfold, a concertina, or simple flat or folded invite? And while we’re at it, what on earth is a bellyband, or a jacket? In this blog I’ll explain about the different kinds of wedding invitation styles I offer and how to decide which is right for you.

What are the different wedding invitation styles?

I make a range of different wedding invitation styles:

A modern wedding invitation. It is a navy blue pocket style with inserts printed on blush pink

Pocketfold invitations

Perfect for all those extra details

concertina style wedding invitation with a white and green floral design

Concertina invitations

A nifty all in one invitation

a folded wedding invitation with champagne flowers, printed onto plantable seed paper

Folded invitations

Simple, with a single fold

Simple flat invitations

If you don’t have loads of details

These can all be produced using sustainable and recycled card and paper. Flat, folded, and concertina styles can also be printed on plantable seed paper for a truly eco friendly option.

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How to choose the right wedding invitation style for you

Here is a little bit more detail about each of the wedding invitation styles that I make, along with my recommendations to help you choose the right ones for you and your wedding. The style of invitation that you choose will depend a lot on the amount of information you need to include, and whether or not you want to have a reply card that your guests will send back to you. You can have a read of my blog below to help you work out what details you want and need to include.

What extra info do you need to include in your wedding invitations?
pink pocketfold wedding invitation with pretty wild flower design on the inserts
Pocketfold invitations from my Meadow Flowers house collection

What are pocket-fold invitations?

These are folded cards with an internal pocket to hold an RSVP card and other guest information and gift cards. They are really popular with couples who want to give their guests a bit more info ahead of the big day. The pocket will comfortably hold a reply card and up to two more cards. For example; accommodation details, menus, and a gift list or alternative poem. Everything is held together in a neat little package secured with a ribbon or bellyband and a wax seal if you like.

A pocketfold wedding invitation style is a good option for you if:

  • You have lots of details you want to give your guests
  • You need to include a reply card with an envelope

I recommend a pocketfold in particular if you are asking your guests to pre-order from a menu with options. There is plenty of space to include the menu in full as well as tick boxes for their choices on the reply card.

How to include menu options in your wedding invitations
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a concertina style wedding invitation with a printed champagne floral design
Concertina style wedding invitation from my Champagne Floral house collection

Tri fold, or concertina style wedding invitations

Concertina invitations are a long piece of card. They are printed on one or both sides and folded up (either to a square or postcard shape) to fit into the envelope. They are sometimes called tri-fold invitations. A concertina invitation with two folds will give up to six ‘panels’ that can be printed. One with three folds will give up to eight panels. The end panel of the card can be printed as a reply post card (with your address on the back). This will be cut off by your guests and sent back to you.

Concertina style invites are a neat way to include lots of extra details in a simple and cost effective way. A concertina invitation doesn’t need any further embellishment than the printing design itself. For extra wow factor you can add a ribbon or bellyband and a wax seal if you like.

Choose a concertina wedding invitation style if:

  • You have lots of details you want to give your guests
  • You are prefer an ‘all in one’ design to the loose cards of a pocketfold
  • You want an eco friendly option, as they can be printed onto plantable seedpaper

I recommend a concertina style if you want very clean and simple invite that your guests can display on a shelf or mantlepiece.

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a modern style folded wedding invitation with details and menu printed inside
Folded wedding invitation from my Modern Monogram house collection

Single fold wedding invitations

Simple, single folded wedding invitations are a great all rounder option. They are very versatile. They can include up to 4 printed panels. The front cover can be purely decorative, as can the back. All your details can be printed on the inside of the folded card. If you need a little more room, we can put the invitation panel on the front, details across the inside spread, and then the back cover is the ideal place for your RSVP, a wedding website, or a QR code.

Single fold wedding invitations are for you if:

  • You have a moderate amount of information to include
  • You don’t really want a separate, or detachable RSVP card
  • You want an eco friendly option, as they can be printed onto plantable seedpaper

Single fold wedding invitations are the perfect option if you want your guests to display them on a shelf or mantelpiece. They will stand up just like a birthday card!

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a wedding invitation with a eucalyptus leaf design, printed onto plantable seed paper
Flat wedding invitation (on plantable seed paper) from my Eucalyptus house collection

Simple, flat card wedding invitations

Flat invitations are a timeless and classic wedding invitation style. They can be a single printed card or made up of layers fixed together. Perfect if you have a minimal amount of detail to give your guests. Or if you have a wedding website where your guests can find all the extra details and also reply to you. Of course, if you want to include additional cards with your flat invitations you can. You can either just pop them in the envelope along with the invitation or add a decorative bellyband, vellum jacket, or ribbon to hold them together as a bundle.

Flat invitations are for you if:

  • You don’t need to give your guests a lot of information
  • You have a phone number, email or website for collecting responses
  • You want a low impact, eco friendly wedding invite printed on recycled card or plantable seed paper

I recommend a flat invitation for a very simple, budget friendly invitation. They are a great option if you have a wedding website with all your details, we can print a QR code on the invitation, linking to this. Flat invitations are also a great, simple, and budget friendly option for your evening reception.

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pale pink pocketfold wedding invitation with a pretty meadow flowers watercolour design

And finally, a note about bellybands

I’ve mentioned bellybands throughout this blog so here’s a quick note about what they actually are. It’s simply a strip of card, paper or vellum that wraps around an invitation. It holds the flap of a pocketfold closed. It keeps a bundle of flat cards together, or it just adds an extra decorative element to any invitation. Bellybands can be plain or printed and are sometimes finished with a ribbon or wax seal as well.

What wedding invitation style is best for you?

Hopefully I’ve given you some pointers on how to choose the best wedding invitation style. Before you get your heart set beautiful invitation that you spot on Pinterest, have a good think about what you actually need to include in your invitations. This will determine which style is going to be best for you.

  • Go for a pocket or concertina wedding invitation style if you have lots of extra details.
  • Go for a flat or folded invitation if you don’t.
  • The flat style of wedding invitation is a great option for evening invites.

Remember that whichever wedding invitation style you choose, it can be fully customised and tailored however you like. All of my designs can be made as pocketfold, concertina, folded, or flat wedding invitations. Choose from any of my house design collections, or get in touch to see how I can make a bespoke design just for you.

concertina style wedding invitations with a bright, colourful ink splash design printed on plantable seed paper

Everything I make is bespoke to you and your wedding. If any of the invite styles I’ve talked about aren’t quite right for you, get in touch. I’d love to talk through other options and ideas with you. Want to ask me a question or jump right in and book an appointment with me?

Ready to find out more, book a studio visit, or arrange a call with me?

Need some help deciding exactly what you need to put in your invitations? Go have a read of this blog, it will really help.

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