a wedding invitation with an autumnal design, it shows QR code to be scanned for further details

Wedding invitation QR code: a super simple guide

A wedding invitation QR code, why would you need one of those? What does it do? Where do you put it? So many questions! In this blog I’m going to break it down, explaining what a wedding invitation QR code is, and how you can use one (or more) in your invites and stationery. 

What is a wedding invitation QR code?

QR codes have really come into their own over the last few years (thanks Covid!). Loads of us use them regularly in our day-to-day lives, for all kinds of things from ordering food to checking in and filling out forms. Simply put, a QR code is a black and white pattern that can be scanned with a mobile phone and acts as a shortcut to a web page, or application. 

I didn’t know until I started writing this blog, that QR stands for Quick Response. Obvious right?

a wedding invitation with an autumnal design, showing how a QR code can be used for additional information

How do you make a wedding invitation QR code?

Wedding invitation QR codes are really simple (and very often free) to create using a QR code generator (just google ‘QR code generator’ for loads of options). I like QR Code Monkey, it’s really intuitive and you can use it to make codes for all kinds of things e.g. links to webpages, maps, and emails.

6 ways to use a wedding invitation QR code

So now we all know what they are, why (and how) would you want or need to use them for your wedding? Well, here is my wedding invitation QR code guide, with some super simple tips on how they can be useful to you and your guests.

a wedding invitation details card with a QR code to link to a wedding website

1. Use a wedding invitation QR code to collect your RSVPs

One of the most popular ways to use a QR code in wedding invitations, is to have them point to wherever you are collecting your guest responses. This could be a wedding website with RSVp functionality built in. Or it could be a google form where your guests can enter their details and confirm their attendance.

2. Link your code to a wedding email address, for quick correspondence

A QR code doesn’t have to point to a website or document, it can be used as a shortcut to an email as well. You could use this function to collect email replies from your guests.

If you are going to use email for wedding correspondence and collecting replies from your guests, set up a personalised, dedicated email address just for this purpose. It will help you keep everything separate from your day to day messages. There are plenty of free email providers that you can do this with, I love Gmail.

a wedding invitation with a modern greenery border, a QR  code with a link to a wedding website

3. Share your wedding website with additional details for your guests

If you are setting up a wedding website with all the additional info for your guests then a QR code in your wedding invitation is a great way to point them to this. Those custom URLs can get a bit lengthening, so a QR code is a great shortcut. Printed discreetly (but clearly) some where in your invitation, a QR code will take your guests to all the additional details that they will need to prepare for your big day.

A checklist of what extra information your guests will need

modern black and white wedding invitation reply card with a QR code

4. Planting instructions for seeded paper stationery

Having your invitations printed onto seed paper? I can include a QR code with a link to the instructions on how to plant and grow the flowers. This would save having the instructions actually printed on the piece of stationery, particularly useful for smaller items such as place cards and menus.

Read more about seed paper wedding invitations here

5. Use wedding invitation QR codes for a map or directions

Want a quick way to show people exactly where your venue is? A QR code in your wedding invitation is the perfect way to do this. Use the Google map location URL and create a QR code from this. You can print the code on your wedding invitation, or if you want a handy way  to give your guests directions from your ceremony to your reception venue, print it on the back of your order of service.

a white wedding table number card with black text saying share the love, share your photos with us, simply scan and upload. A QR code is below

6. Encourage your guests to upload and share their pictures of the big day

A popular way to use a wedding QR code, not in your invitations but at your reception. Create a way for your guests to share their photos with you, you could do this with a simple Google photos album, Dropbox, or with a photo sharing app. You can print the code in any number of places to display at your reception. My recommendations: on your table number cards or menus, on a dedicated sign or signs around the venue, as part of your order of the day timeline or your order of service. You could even add it to your thank you cards, as a final reminder for guests to upload their memories at a later date.

So that’s my super simple guide to wedding QR codes. Essentially, they are a small graphic code that can be scanned with a mobile phone. You can generate them for free using various apps and webpages. You can use them in your wedding invites and stationery as shortcuts to your wedding website, to collect your RSVPs, links to maps and directions to venues or to allow your guests to share their photos of the big day with you. My favourite though, unsurprisingly, is to share the planting instructions for your seeded paper wedding invitations.

I hope you’ve found this blog useful. If you would like to chat about how you can use QR codes throughout your wedding invitations and stationery, get in touch, I would love to help. I can create QR codes for you, ready to print on your invitations. I can also assist you with setting up a wedding email address, google forms and more. And of course, I would love to design some beautiful wedding invitations for your to send out to your quests, containing those all important codes!

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Here are some of the links to the online resources I have mentioned throughout this blog:

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