alice in wonderland themes wedding table plan

5 alternative wedding table plan ideas

A table plan is essential if you want your guests to sit in a particular seat for your wedding breakfast. But it doesn’t have to be a traditional board on an easel with lists of names printed on it. Get creative and let your personalities shine through with something a little different. Here are some inspirations for you, my 5 alternative wedding table plan ideas.

Brown kraft cards with colourful backings, printed with names and placed on a vintage step ladder to create a wedding table plan

1. Ladder wedding table plan ideas

Upcycling an old vintage ladder is a great way to make a sustainable wedding table plan. Have the cards with names printed and folded tent style so that they stand up on their own and arrange them on the steps of the ladder. Or have flat printed cards and either pop them into frames or peg them onto string, ribbon or twine attached to the steps. Then decorate with lanterns, flowers and foliage (real or artificial), fairy lights, paper chains – whatever takes your fancy.

a display of printed cards and props that make a table plan for an alice in wonderland inspired wedding

2. Themed wedding table plan ideas

Want to get really creative? Experiment with a multi-level display on a table. This Alice in Wonderland table plan uses free-standing tent cards with the names printed. I make all the text really small so that guests had to use the looking glass to see them. Books, crates, cakestands and anything else you can find can be used to create interest and different levels. Finish off the look with props to suit your theme. 

a display of vintage style white photo frames making up a wedding seating plan

3. Create a display of elegant frames

Using printed cards in frames adds an extra level of elegance to your table plan. Small photo frames can often be picked up at charity shops for next to nothing. You can paint or spray them if you can’t find all the same colour, or just embrace the charm of mismatched! Create an interesting display on a table with tiny jars of flowers, pots of herbs or greenery, stacks of books or other objets d’art that tie in with your theme.

Wedding table plan cards, mounted on stick and sticking out of a rustic crate full of fresh flowers

4. Wedding table plan in a crate of flowers

Make the most of your table plan cards and create a floral display with them. Having the printed cards mounted onto long stocks means they can ‘sprout’ from a beautiful vase or crate of flowers and foliage. Check with your florist that they can design a suitable arrangement in a container for the sticks to be placed in.

a wedding table plan mounted on a mirror with a corner embellishment of freah flowers

5. Mirror wedding table plan ideas

So technically, this is only one step away from the printed board, but I like it. And judging by the number of these that I put together, they are popular with you too! Printed cards mounted onto a mirror or frame just give it that extra level of luxe compared to a standard board. Adding flowers or fairy lights around the edge looks great too. Why not use a mirror or frame that you or a family member already own? Sustainable and keeps your costs down too.

Destination wedding table plan – pro tip

If you are planning a destination wedding and need to take your table plan with you, pick a design that can incorporate individual cards rather than a large board. It will be far easier to pack and transport! A beautiful table display with simple flowers and perfectly printed tent cards would be ideal.

Of course, there are infinite ways to display your wedding table plan. It’s the perfect opportunity to get creative and inject a little of your personality or humour into your wedding stationery. You could use hoops, bicycle wheels, pallets, pegboards, chalkboards – whatever takes your fancy. These are just a few of my favourite wedding table plan ideas, and I hope they inspire you. How are you displaying the seating plan for your big day? I’d love to know. Head on over to Instagram and drop me a message. 

What about the names?

Sorted on the design, but not sure what names to use? It’s a minefield, isn’t it? First names, full names or names and titles? Which is correct? Head over to my blog What names do you use on your table plan and place cards? It has all the answers.

Whether you favour a traditional printed board, cards on a mirror or you just want the cards printed to do your own creative thing with, I can help you with wedding table plan ideas for your big day. Read more about the different types of table plan I can create for you, or Get in touch to see how I can help.

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