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What names do I use on my wedding table plan and place cards?

Do I put first names or full names? Names and initials? Roles? Don’t stress, we’ve got you covered!  The most important thing to remember is, there are no hard and fast rules, do whatever you and your guests will feel comfortable with.  In this blog we’ve focused purely on what format the names of your guests should take on your place cards and table plan. If you’re after more general advice on arranging your tables and who sits where have a look at this article we found.

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Table plan

I usually advise putting full names (first and surnames) on the table plan if you can.  It will help your guests find their names quickly and will alleviate any confusion with duplicate names.  If you want to keep it really informal just want to go with first names that’s fine too.

If you do have duplicates in this instance, It should be obvious to your guests, by whom they are seated next to (partner etc) which they are:
e.g. Richard & Jo on table 1, Richard & Sarah on table 2 – should be fairly obvious to them which Richard is which.

Another option is to put the surname initial after any duplicate names – lots of couples do, it doesn’t look odd, and you don’t need to do it for everyone.

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Wedding party and the top table

Should you use names, wedding party roles i.e. bride, groom, mother of the bride, best man etc.  Again, entirely up to you, but I would suggest sticking to one standard format across the table it tends to look better than a mixture of names and roles.  Space permitting you can sometimes have names and roles printed on the top table.

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Place cards

For place cards, using full names keeps it more formal.  If you’re after a more relaxed vibe then just use first names.  Same applies as the table plan for any duplicate names. Many couples like to add wedding party ‘roles’ to the place cards too – that’s great, just let us know if you want to do this.  The only constraint is the printing space available on the place card design you have chosen.

blush and gold wedding place cards

Using courtesy titles like Mr., Mrs., Dr. or Rev.

You would generally only use these titles for a very formal occasion. However, if you have one or two VIP guests (perhaps the minister who has married you) and want to use them, go ahead.  It won;t look out of place if you’re not using them for everybody else.

Using your married name

If you’re using surnames on your table plan and or place cards, don’t forget to use your married name for yourself.  It’s your first opportunity to have it in print, make the most of it!

What about Grandma, Aunty Lydia and Uncle Bryn?

If this is how you address those guests (think about how you write in their birthday cards!), use those titles.  If you’re not comfortable doing that, use their names. Like I said, there’s no rules.

Guests with no name

It might seem odd to have a guest at your wedding whose name you don’t know, but it can happen.  Maybe you’ve invited Susan ‘plus one’. Susan didn’t let you know who she’s bringing and if you know Susan, it might change at the last minute anyway!  In this, or any other situation where you’re not certain of a guest’s name, don’t stress, it’s fine to put ‘Guest of Susan Jones’ or ‘Susan’s Guest’ on the table plan and place card.

Classic black on white wedding place card
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calligraphy wedding place card

What about children?

I always think putting children on the table plan is a nice touch, even the babies.  Whether or not children need a place card will really depend on whether they are having a place set at the table.  So generally yes for children seated on a regular chair, optional for any on a high chair and probably not for babes in arms.

As always, if you have any questions or need any advice on what names to put on your place cards and table plan, just give us a shout.  We’re always happy to help.

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