How much do wedding invitations cost? And why…

How much do wedding invitations cost? It’s a question that, as a stationery designer, I can pretty much guarantee I am asked at least once a week – often more. It would be great if there was a quick and easy answer to this. It would save me so much time replying to emails and messages every single day. But in reality it’s a little bit like asking how long is a piece of string? The short answer is, It depends. And it depends on quite a number of different things. I’ll explain.

Size and style will determine how much wedding do wedding invitations cost

And by style, I mean the overall structure of the invitation. So, do you want a pocketfold with lots of information inserts, or do you just need a single flat card with printing on one side? Size too will play a part in the price of your wedding invitation. For example a postcard size flat invitation will cost less than one that is A5 size, purely because of the additional materials used.

If you want to read more about what style of wedding invite will be best for you, you can head over to my blog here.

green pocketfold wedding invitation with white floral inserts

What kind of printing would you like?

There are many different kinds of printing. If you get really bored one day, give me a call. I can talk for hours about printing methods! But to keep it simple, when it comes to wedding invitations I basically offer two methods of print – digital or foil. Digital is the flat, ‘normal’ kind of printing for images or text and foil is the shiny metallic type of print. Foil printing is more expensive than digital print and will therefore be reflected in the cost of the invitation.

How much to wedding invitations cost? – It depends if you need extra information cards.

What information do you need to include in your wedding invitations? Do you need to tell your guests about accommodation at the venue? Do they need to pre order their menu options? Do you want to include a gift list or gift wish poem? You might opt to put all of these extra details on a wedding website, or maybe you don’t need them at all. If you want to include printed cards for any of this info then they too will add to the cost of your wedding invites.

I have a really useful blog post about what additional details you might need to include in your wedding invites HERE.

blush wedding rsvp cards and extra details

Do you need to include a reply card?

Reply cards in invitations are not essential but they can help to ensure a timely response from your guests. As with other inserts, including them will add to the cost of your wedding invitations.

For lots more information about reply cards, read my blog:
12 things to know about RSVP cards.

Decorative elements and embellishments will all contribute to how much do wedding invitations cost

All the little extra details will contribute to the cost of your wedding invitations. I’m talking about things like decorative belly bands, laser cutting, ribbons, lace or twine and wax seals. While they might not be absolutely necessary for the invitations to do their job, they are the finishing touches that can really make a design pop, but they will of course add to the cost.

wax seals and extra inserts in a wedding invitation, all factors that will affect how much do wedding invitations cost

Envelope upgrades and personalised printing will play a part in the cost of wedding invites

I always include envelopes and printing in the wedding invitations cost. But, you might want to upgrade to coloured envelopes or envelope liners, perhaps even postal boxes if you;re feeling fancy. These will all add a little to your wedding invitations cost. Similarly, if you’d like me to print your guests’ names on the invitations or addresses onto the envelopes then there will be a little more to pay.

Finally, don’t forget to factor in postage when you’re working out how much your wedding invitations cost

Postage is often something that is overlooked in the wedding budget. Remember that it can potentially be a large part of how much your wedding invitations cost overall. I have a useful blog about how to make sure you include the correct postage on your wedding invitations, and also some tips on obtaining proof of postage if you need to.

What stamps will I need for my wedding invitations?

So you can see, when I’m asked “How much do wedding invitations cost?”, and I reply “Well it depends.” I’m really not trying to avoid the question or be vague. There are so many different variables that it’s nearly impossible to give a ‘ballpark price for an invitation’. I’ll always ask you for a little more detail, try to get an idea of what style you’re looking for and if you want to include any of those little extras that I’ve mentioned. I might even ask you to send me a picture of the sort of invitation you have in mind, because that’s the most effective way for me to understand what you’re looking for.

Then, when I give you a quote I will always break it down so that you can see the different elements that make up the total price for your invitations. That way you can decide which parts are most important to you and that your budget allows.

I hope I’ve helped to answer the question of how much are wedding invitations. If you do want a really broad guide on my prices you can find one here. Better still if you’d like to get a quote drop me a line or book a call. I’m always happy to talk through the different styles and options available.

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