What stamps will I need for my wedding invitations?

We’re often asked “What postage stamps will I need for my wedding invitations” or how much it will cost to send out save the date cards.

Of course, we recommend that wherever possible you hand deliver your invitations to ensure they reach your guests in perfect condition. If you do need to post some then remember that Royal Mail charge according to the size, thickness and weight of the letter/packet. You can check the current postage rates for letters and large letters with Royal Mail HERE

What stamps should I buy?

Many of our handmade designs (due to the embellishments used) will be thicker than the 5mm covered by a regular stamp and will need therefore need ‘large letter’ stamps. Remember too, particularly with pocketfold invitations or if you are including your own inserts, that any letter weighing over 100g will cost more. Simple, flat invitations and save the date cards with little or no embellishment should be fine with regular stamps, either first or second class

If you don’t have the correct postage on your invitations then your guests will be charged the shortfall plus a handling fee before they can get their invitation from the sorting office – awkward! So it’s really important that you have the dimensions and weight of your invitations checked at the post office before posting them.

Wedding invitation kraft envelopes

Envelopes or boxes?

All our save the dates, invitations and thank you cards come with high quality envelopes, but you might also want to consider postal boxes or protective card envelopes to help ensure your invitations arrive at their destination in pristine condition. Let us know and we can give you a quote for these. Don’t forget we can also print your envelopes with names and addresses if you would like – again just let us know and we’ll give you a price.

Certificate of Posting

Should the worst happen and an invite gets lost in the post, you can only make a claim from Royal Mail if you have a stamped and signed Certificate of Posting. A Certificate of Posting is free, you just need to take your invitations to a Post Office and request it, rather than putting your envelopes into a post box.

If you’re posting a large number of invitations you can download and print a Bulk Certificate of Posting to fill in with the names & addresses beforehand, to speed up the process a little at the counter.

You can find more information on current postage rates and Certificate of Posting at www.royalmail.com.

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