plantable seed paper wedding place cards

Plantable seed paper wedding stationery

Plantable seed paper wedding stationery, what’s that? I hear you ask, and why would you want them for your wedding? Well, the clue is in the name and it is basically wedding invites and stationery made from plantable paper that is embedded with hundreds of seeds that, when planted, will grow into wildflowers or herbs. In this blog, I’ll tell you more about plantable seed paper, what it’s made from, how I use it to make wedding invites and stationery, and why I think it’s the best idea if you’re looking for an eco-friendly option for your wedding stationery.

What is it made from?

The plantable paper that I use to create my eco friendly wedding invites and stationery is made from waste materials, recycled into pulp to make paper. Because the paper is made from post consumer waste it is completely tree free and so very eco friendly. Even without the seeds it would be a great option for sustainable wedding stationery. The addition of seeds in the production process means that, when it’s planted, the paper safely decomposes leaving the seeds to germinate and grow into beautiful flowers or herbs.

Instructions printed on the back of a seed paper card
How to grow plantable cards and stationery

So how do you grow seed paper wedding stationery?

To see the flowers grow the plantable seed paper can simply be placed into compost, watered and left somewhere warm and light to germinate. The seeds should grow into beautiful wildflowers. When I create wedding invites or stationery using plantable paper I always include a note with instructions on how to grow. This will usually be discreetly printed on the back of each save the date card, invite or place card. You can relax knowing that your guests will know exactly what they have to do to grow their plantable paper wedding invites or stationery.

a pretty birthday card with wildflower design, printed on plantable seed paper
Bespoke birthday card printed on plantable paper

What wedding invites or stationery can you make with it?

Essentially all of my printed designs can be made from plantable paper. I particularly love floral and greenery designs, I think it suits the theme! Save the date cards, flat or folded wedding invitations, some order of service cards, place cards, menus and thank you cards all work beautifully when printed onto plantable paper. I wouldn’t usually include any extra embellishments such as ribbon, twine or wax seals when I use plantable paper as they would need to be removed before planting, but anything is possible. Pocketfold invitations and order of service booklets with stapled pages don’t really work well with plantable paper, stick to recycled and recyclable card options for those.

Some of my wedding design collections that look great on seed paper

So why do I think plantable paper is the best thing ever?

Well, what’s not to love? You get to send out beautiful wedding invites with all the details that your guests need. They are super eco friendly because the paper is completely tree free. They are low waste because, other than the envelope which can be easily recycled, they can be planted. But the best bit of all, I think, is that your guests get a lasting reminder of your big day when they see all the beautiful flowers grow. I just love the whole concept of having wedding invitations and stationery that become something after they have done their job, don’t you?

In fact, I love plantable seed paper so much that I use it to make the little info cards I include with every box of wedding stationery that leaves my studio!

Over the coming weeks and months I’ll be expanding my range of plantable seed paper wedding invites and stationery and I’ll be showcasing more of them here on my blog and on my Instagram. Make sure you follow me to be the first to know all about them!

If you’d like to find out how you can include plantable seed paper in your wedding stationery suite, get in touch for a quick chat. I’d love to tell you all about the gorgeous creations I have in the pipeline!

See you soon, Jo x

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