Wedding postponement cards – Alana & Sion’s change the date

2020 will likely go down in the history books as the year of the wedding postponement. Covid-19 reared its ugly head in March and wedding plans were thrown into turmoil. Many couples due to marry in April, May and June quickly postponed to later in the year. The number of guests allowed at ceremonies and receptions is still restricted so those plans are being rejigged again. Countless brides and grooms to be now planning their ‘third time lucky’ date. Keeping friends and family informed of changes is a challenging task for couples to manage.  Here’s how we’ve helped Alana & Sion communicate with their guests through two changes of wedding date.

Save the date

Alana & Sion were due to marry on 24th May 2020 at Oldwalls, Gower in South Wales. We first met with them in October 2018 and designed a suite of wedding stationery from our Rustic Floral collection. Pretty, calendar style save the date cards were made and sent out by the end of the year. Following up with bespoke, handmade pocketfold invitations six months before the wedding. By early Spring 2020 the reply cards were returned and the guest list was just about complete. 

Change the date

At the end of March 2020 it was obvious that their May wedding was not possible and Alana & Sion postponed to 17th September. With the venue, time and menu choices all staying the same we quickly produced a digital ‘change the date’ image for them to share with their nearest and dearest. We printed a few copies too for those guests that they felt would appreciate a little something in the post. We kept their rustic floral design and layout, just changing the dates and details. Being in lockdown at the time meant that all the communication and design work was done via phone and email, with the hard copy postponement cards being posted out to them.

Rustic wedding change the date card

Wedding postponement invitations

Come July, it became apparent that celebrations and social gatherings would not get back to anything like ‘normal’ very soon.  With a guest list of over 100 family and friends, Alana and Sion took the difficult decision to push back their wedding date to 31st May 2021. With this date being so much further in the future, a different ceremony time and falling on a bank holiday, they decided to send out new invitations to all their guests. They avoided any confusion by getting all the new details in writing and include phone numbers for their guests to confirm they can still attend. Their new invitations didn’t need all the extra information about menus, accommodation and gift list so we kept them as simple, flat cards, but still in the same style and design as all the other stationery. 

Pretty wedding postponement invitation

Wedding ceremony & reception stationery

When they placed their order with us, Alana & Sion booked production slots for their ceremony and reception stationery. We will make welcome signs, order of the day, personalised menus and a table plan for them next year. They will all coordinate with their save the dates, change the dates and invitations. As the plans have evolved we have rescheduled so that everything will be ready for their big day in May 2021. We can’t wait!

Wedding postponement – you’re not alone!

Alana & Sion are not alone in their chaotic 2020 wedding planning year. We’ve been through similar journeys with many of our other couples, but of course no two weddings are the same. For each and every wedding postponement we’ve worked with the couple to find the solution that best suits them and their budget. A digital change the date image, printed wedding postponement cards or completely new bespoke wedding invitations. 

Have you had to postpone or change your wedding plans this year? If you need help with your stationery, please get in touch.  Read my blog HERE about what you need to tell your guests and how best to do it. Finally, remember that if you’ve had to change your plans this year, we feel for you, we really do. Your big day is coming and it will be so worth the wait!

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Pretty watercolour flowers wedding postponement card

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