sage green wedding save the date calendar card with a white wax seal

Wedding invitation trends for 2024

I’ve been back at my desk for a couple of weeks now, and wow – I haven’t stopped. I’ve had so many gorgeous meetings with couples, excited to get their wedding invitations and stationery underway for this year. As my order book fills up, I thought it would be fun to put together a little roundup of what I’m seeing as the wedding invitation trends for 2024.

concertina style wedding invitation with a white and green floral design

Most popular wedding stationery design theme

Florals are big again in 2024. It’s a trend I’ve seen for a few years now and it’s not going away. The floral design you love most for your wedding invitations and stationery is this one from my house collections. It’s called White & Green Florals. It’s classic, elegant, and is so adaptable. Many of you are keeping it simple for a romantic, neutral look. Or, you’re adding accent colours like navy, sage green, and pink.

See my white and green floral collection here
sage green wedding save the date calendar card with a white wax seal

Most popular colour scheme for wedding invitations

Is (still!) green. And all shades: sage green, moss green, forest green. You name it, it’s on my order list. And you’re teaming it with a gorgeous palette of accent colours too. Pink and gold are the favourites.

You don’t HAVE to include your wedding colours on your invitations. Lots of you are keeping it neutral and not giving anything away. All white or ivory invitations are often the most elegant and classic.

Get my top tips for including your wedding colours on your invitations here

Most popular wedding invitation style

Simple, flat, wedding invitation cards are by far the biggest wedding invitation trend for 2024 so far. Many of you are choosing to give them a little extra something with a vellum wrap and wax seal. Keep an eye on my website as I will be adding these very soon.

See my simple flat wedding invitations here

Wedding websites, replies by email, and wedding QR codes

Unsurprisingly, lots of you are now opting to set up wedding websites with all those extra details, and are using email as your preferred RSVP method. Having a QR code printed on your invitations is a great way to link to either a website or email for replies.

Click here for my guide on how to use QR codes for your wedding

a wedding invitation with a eucalyptus leaf design, printed onto plantable seed paper

Eco-friendly wedding invitation trends for 2024

It’s no secret that seed paper is one of my favourite materials to work with. It’s a wonderful way to make your wedding day a little bit more eco-friendly. And you are loving it too this year! Lots of orders for plantable invitations are already on my list for 2024, and I expect to see more.

See seed paper invitations here

Wedding invitation trends for 2024

So that’s what I’m seeing as the wedding invitation trends for 2024. Florals are still popular, and all shades of green are the hot colour schemes. Simple, flat card styles are your invitation format of choice. And lots of you are looking to make your wedding stationery a bit more eco-friendly with plantable seed paper.

How does what I’m seeing match up with what you have chosen for your wedding invitations and stationery? Are you bang on trend, or have you opted for something completely different? I’d love to know. Why not pop over to Instagram and let me know what you think.

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