personalised wedding thank you card printed onto plantable seeded paper

What to write in a wedding thank you card: tips and advice

The confetti has fallen, the cake has been eaten, and the honeymoon tan is fading fast. It’s just the thank you cards to sort out now. Thanking your guests for their gifts, company, and good wishes is an absolute must. And a personalised, handwritten thank you card is the perfect way to show your appreciation to your nearest and dearest. But, now comes the tricky bit, what to write in a wedding thank you card?

Well, it’s really up to you, but having been in the wedding industry since 2006, I have a little experience that I can share with you. So, here are some key points that you should really include along with some pointers to get you started with what to write in a wedding thank you card.

personalised wedding thank you card with pretty pink and navy floral design
Bespoke wedding thank you card with blush and navy floral design.

Thank your guests for their presence, before you thank them for their present!

Always, make a point of thanking your guests for sharing your day. Do this first, as their company and good wishes will always be more important than any gift. If they have travelled, you can mention this too, as they will have made an extra special effort to join you

We are so happy you could join us to share in our special day, and we really appreciate you travelling from Cornwall to be with us.

personalised wedding thank you cards with a pretty floral design
Bespoke anemone thank you cards for Georgina and Morgan

Be specific, and personal when thanking them for their gift

Thank them for their gift. Make a point of mentioning the present, whether it was a physical item or a monetary contribution. This will show your guests that you have thought about them personally when opening your gifts and you know exactly what they gave you. Also, tell them your plans for the gift. Especially if it was a gift of money. For example towards a honeymoon, house renovations or a larger piece of furniture.

Thank you for the photo frames you gave us. They look wonderful in our lounge and we have already filled them with some of our favourite wedding pictures.

We really appreciate the contribution you made to our honeymoon. When we travel to Africa later in the year, we plan to put it towards a safari experience.

modern thankyou card with welsh diolch
Plantable wedding thank you cards from my Modern Monogram collection

End your thank you note with some good wishes

You can finish up your thank you message with good wishes, and a note about when you might see those guests next.

We hope you enjoyed our big day as much as we did. We’ll be sure to share our photographs and video with you when we see you at the family Christmas party.

What to write in a wedding thank you card, for guests that didn’t attend

It’s quite possible that you will have received gifts and good wishes from some friends and family that couldn’t attend your big day. If so, it’s important to make sure you send a thank you card to them too. Follow the steps above, but adapt the opening part accordingly:

Thank you so much for thinking of us on our wedding day. We had a wonderful time, and have included a photograph as a little keepsake for you.

Then thank them for their gift, mention what you plan to do with it and end with some good wishes.

handmade thank you card with burgundy floral design
Personalised wedding thank you card from my Burgundy floral collection

What to write in a wedding thank you card – a summary

So those are my quick pointers on how to write a wedding thank you card. Keep it personal, remember that their presence is always more important than their present, be specific about the gift and how you are using it or what you plan to do with it. I always think a handwritten note is the best way to write your wedding thank you cards. I generally make thank you cards that are blank inside for this exact reason. However, if you would like any part of your message printed, just ask.

You can find a selection of my handmade wedding thank you cards here.

I can make thank you cards to match any of my stationery themes though. I can also include photographs or bespoke designs too. And of course don’t forget about my fabulous plantable seeded paper wedding thank you cards. Your guests can plant these and watch the wildflowers grow as a lasting reminder of your big day.

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