floral wedding table name card with blush pink and navy watercolour style roses design

Wedding table name ideas: 8 of my favourites!

Are you choosing to name your tables rather than number them? Naming your tables for your wedding breakfast is a fantastic way to inject a little of your personality and humour, if you like, into your wedding reception. If you decide to name your tables, rather than number them, then make sure you include table name cards in your stationery order. It can be a lovely touch to add an explanation of how the name is significant to you. The world is your oyster when it comes to choosing table names, here are 8 of my favourite wedding table name ideas for inspiration.

wedding table name and place card with a greenery design, printed onto plantable seed paper
Plantable seed paper wedding table name with matching place card

1. Dates that are important to you as a couple

Think about your relationship and the dates that are important milestones for you. They can be very personal and you could choose any dates that mean something to you as a couple, here are a few ideas; your first date, the date you got engaged, date you bought your first house or moved in together, date of your first holiday together.

2. Seasonal table name ideas

If you are planning a seasonal theme like a winter or autumn wedding then this opens up a whole host of different table name ideas. For a winter wedding how about different snow and ice themed tables: icicle, snowflake, snowdrift, blizzard etc. Or go all out for a Chirstmas wedding with festive wedding table name ideas; bauble, star, jingle bell, angel etc.

rustic wedding table names and menu with a striking stag antler design
Stag design wedding table name with menus on reverse

3. Significant places make great wedding table names

Do you love to travel as a couple? How about using places you have visited as your wedding table names. How about your first holiday destination as a couple? Or perhaps it was where the proposal happened. The places don’t have to be exotic either. You could pick locations that have been significant throughout your lives e.g. where each of you were born, where you went to school, where you had your first date, your local pub or club. Add a little note to each table telling your guests why the place you have chosen is special to you.

Bespoke wedding table name with a Lego character held in a rustic crate of flowers
Bespoke wedding table name with a Lego superhero character

4. Sport themed table name ideas

Do you both enjoy a particular sport? You could name your tables after your favourite teams, grounds/stadiums or sportspeople. Motor racing or cycling enthusiasts? How about race stages or locations your wedding table names.

5. Nature-inspired wedding table name ideas

The names of flowers, trees or herbs make great wedding table names if you are nature lovers or for a woodland themed wedding. Animals too.

fall wedding table number
Autumn theme wedding table number cards

6. Film and TV inspired table names

If you love your films or TV shows then name your wedding tables after your favourites. You could use the characters from a particular series or genre; Marvel, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and Friends are favourites. Or how about your favourite actors.

7. Wedding table name ideas for musical themes

Music lovers have a huge range of inspiration to draw from for some really original wedding table name ideas. Favourite songs or musical pieces, bands, albums, composers, albums or even tour dates would all make great wedding table names. Get really niche and name your tables after different musical instruments, how about famous guitar brands like Fender and Gibson.

floral wedding table name card with blush pink and navy watercolour style roses design
Music themed wedding table name

8. Your favourite tipples make great table names!

Like a little drink every now and again? Pick your favourites and name your tables after them. You could even include the relevant bottle within your table centres; vodka, gin, rum, brandy, tequila etc. Perhaps you enjoy different wines, these would also make great table names. Or, want something sparkly and classy? How about the famous champagne names; Dom Perignon, Veuve Cliquot, Moet & Chandon etc.

So there you go, just a few of my favourite wedding table name ideas. There are, of course, so many more. The world is your oyster, pick something that is meaningful to you or that will inject a little humour, whatever suits the vibe of your wedding best. Choosing names over numbers gives you the opportunity to make each table centre unique too, perhaps including a prop relevant to the table name. Table names are also a great conversation starter, especially if you include a little explanation of why you chose them on each table. Whatever you choose, remember that nothing is too silly or frivolous. If you think of something that means something to you as a couple, go for it, and most importantly have fun with them. It’s your wedding, do it your way.

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