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5 reasons to work with Jo, Cardiff wedding invitations designer

Why work with a professional wedding stationery designer for your big day? You can just find invitations and stationery online and order what you need right? Well, you could. BUT there are a whole number of benefits that you would get from hiring an experienced and knowledgeable creative (like me!) to help you. Here are my top five reasons for working with we, Jo: Cardiff wedding invitations designer.

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1. The advice and wisdom of a professional wedding stationery designer is priceless

Wedding planning isn’t (usually) something you as a couple will experience time after time after time. I’m sure you’ll have many questions about your invitations and stationery. When should you send them? How many will you need? How do you word them? What extra details do you need to include? The list goes on. You can, of course, find the answers to all of these by trawling the internet or asking friends and family. But who has the right answer? Well, probably the person with many years experience of designing and making wedding invitations stationery; your bespoke wedding stationery designer, me! I have been in this business since 2006, that’s a fair few years of experience and wisdom that is all yours to draw on when you choose to work with me.

2. Cardiff wedding invitations designer Jo will keep you on track with timely reminders about your invites and stationery

When you are planning your wedding you’ll soon discover that there’s an awful lot of scheduling and organising involved. Counting back from the big day and making sure everything is booked, ordered, confirmed, and paid on time can become a mammoth task. Booking in your bespoke invitations and stationery with me will mean you can relax knowing that I’ll be in touch at every critical step so nothing gets forgotten or overlooked. Email reminders, checklists, wording guides and payment schedules are all part of the service I provide as a bespoke wedding stationery designer. With me, you can choose to book in everything right at the start; save the dates, invitations, and ceremony and reception stationery. Small deposits will secure your production slots and get you those scheduled reminders! Or you can book each part as you go along.

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3. A bespoke wedding stationery designer gives you endless flexibility and customisation opportunities

Truth bomb. Not every wedding is the same! Flexibility and customisation are important. You’ve probably found some ideas online but none of them are ‘quite right’. You like the look of this design, but you’d prefer a different font. You’d love a floral print but you can’t find one with quite the right colours. You love something that you have found on Pinterest, but it’s made in the US and the minimum order is 100 invites.

Sound familiar? The beauty of choosing a bespoke wedding stationery designer is that in built flexibility with pretty much everything; designs, colours, quantities, timing etc. It’s important to mention here that I will never, ever copy another designer’s work. However, I will always encourage you to come to me with pictures of things you like, designs that are nearly what you’re after. It really helps me to get a handle on the sort of look you are trying to achieve.

4. Bespoke wedding stationery is great value for money

Bespoke is all too often associated with the word expensive. I’ll let you into a secret, it’s not always. Every bespoke wedding stationery package I create is tailored exactly to the individual couple and their wedding. This means that you get just the stationery want in exactly the quantities that you need. You won’t be paying for parts of a package that will go to waste. You don’t need to order anything extra just to make up a minimum order. Couple this with all the extra benefit you get in the advice, guidance, and help with planning, and my bespoke wedding stationery is actually really good value for money.

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5. I get it, you just want to talk to a human about it all

I could write for days about the benefits of working with a designer, but often it comes down to this one simple thing. You just want to have a human to talk to about it all and help you with it. You have a good idea about what you want and how it will all look. You want to know if what you have in mind will work, you value a second (professional) opinion on your ideas, and you just need a bit of help and guidance with how to pull it all together. I hear this all the time, and if this is you then I really, really want to work with you. I love it when couples come to me with ideas but are open to advice and suggestions about how to join everything together into a beautiful, coordinated stationery suite for their big day.

5 reasons to work with Cardiff wedding invitations designer Jo

There you go, five great reasons you should be working with a bespoke designer for your wedding invitations and stationery. I can advise and guide you on what you and when you want it. I will send you reminders and timelines for when details and payments are due. You’ll get a fully customised design with just the items you want in exactly the quantities you need. All of this, along with my creative experience will mean great value for money for you and a stress free enjoyable journey through planning your invitations and stationery.

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