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What to expect when you visit my Cardiff studio to order wedding invitations and stationery

The best, and most fun, way to order wedding invitations and stationery with me is to visit my studio in Taffs Well, just outside Cardiff. I’ll go through everything step by step and give you all the advice you need. You’ll be able to look at lots of samples and see exactly where your stationery will be printed and put together. Here’s how it works and what happens when we meet.

After you’ve booked your appointment using my online calendar, you’ll get a couple of emails from me:
The first has all the details about where to find me and what to do when you arrive
Then there’s a reminder 24 hours before your appointment just to make sure you haven’t forgotten.

I ask for a few details about you and your wedding on a little questionnaire when you book. This helps me to prepare and make sure I have the right samples and other bits and pieces to hand when we meet.

1. Prepare for our meeting to order wedding invitations and stationery

It’s a really good idea to download my wedding stationery planner and checklist before you come to order wedding invitations and stationery. It will help you to get an idea of what stationery you need and how many of each. Don’t worry too much about having all the details though, I’ll help you with those when we meet.

Get your wedding stationery planner and guide here

A folder of coloured card swatches to help couples decide what colour to use in their wedding invitations

2. Bring along your samples, swatches and Pinterest boards

It’s really helpful for me if you bring along all your inspiration and ideas. This can be screenshots, pictures, your ipad with your Pinterest board, other invitations you’ve had before, samples you’ve had that weren’t quite right, as well as colour references for matching. What are colour references? Anything you have that will give me an idea of your colour scheme e.g. a swatch from your bridesmaid dresses or the bridal party ties, a sample chair sash, bits of ribbon, paper or anything else that you think will help.

6 questions to answer before you meet with me

3. Tell me all about your wedding and the overall feel and theme

I want to know all the details. Where are you getting married? What sort of venue is it? Are you planning a relaxed and casual day or something more formal? What’s the vibe? Fun and colourful, elegant and sophisticated, rustic and vintage? The more you can tell me about your wedding the better idea I can get about how to represent this throughout your invitations and stationery.

Samples of wedding invitations on the desk in the By Jo wedding invitations studio in Cardiff
Your invitations will usually be the starting point for the design of your wedding stationery suite

4. We’ll usually start with the design for your invitations

Invitations are often the starting point for your stationery suite. So, I tend to start with the design for these. We’ll talk about what you need to include in them (menu choices, gift requests, accommodation details) and what type of wedding invitation is best for you (pocketfold, concertina, flat cards). We can then start to create a design together to incorporate all of these elements.

5. You can look at samples and I’ll create mock ups

I have loads of samples in stock at my studio. But, with so many combinations and variations available with my designs, it’s impossible to have a sample of absolutely everything. This is where mock ups come in. I can use pieces of some designs and put them alongside different cards, papers and ribbons to give you a good idea of how your personal design will look.

Wedding stationery designer Jo in her studio with a collection of wedding invitations and stationery on her desk
To help you order wedding invitations and stationery I will show you lots of samples and create mock ups of bespoke designs

6. I’ll show you how your invitation design translates across the rest of your wedding stationery

Once we have a design in mind for your invites, I can give you a good idea of how all your other stationery will look. Everything from save the date cards, coordinating evening invitations, stationery for your ceremony and reception and of course, those all important thank you cards. I will take the opportunity to show you just about everything I can make for your wedding. Of course, you might not need or want it all but it’s a good idea to have a good look when you visit.

7. I’ll tell you much it will be to order wedding invitations and stationery

As I show you samples and mock ups of wedding invitations and stationery I will give you prices for everything. Don’t worry, I make a note of everything while we’re talking then I put it all into a full quote that I email to you after our meeting. I don’t quote for ‘all or nothing’ packages. I give you prices for all the stationery we talk about and then it’s up to you to decide what you do and don’t need. This may change throughout your planning journey, don’t worry it’s all very flexible.

8. You can pay your deposits and book in while you’re here, if you want to

If, when you visit, you feel that you’ve seen enough to make your decision and would like to book in there and then, I can take your payment by card in my studio. I’ll follow up with your full order confirmation by email after our meeting. If you want to go away and think about whether to order wedding invitations and stationery with me, that’s fine too. I’ll email all the details on a quote, along with how to pay your deposits when you’re ready.

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9. I can help you with the wording for your invitations if you’re ready

While you’re with me in the studio, I can go through the wording for your invitations and stationery with you if you like. If you have most of the details to hand then we can look at different way to word your invites and what you need to include. Once you’ve paid your deposit and booked in, I can then use this information to create your proofs. If you don’t want to do this when you visit, you can email me all the printing details later. When you book in with me (pay your deposit), I will send you a link to my exclusive client page on my website where there are lots of detailed guides and templates to help you collect all the details for your stationery together.

Some FAQs about visiting my studio to order wedding invitations and stationery:

Do we need an appointment, can we come and have a look around?
Yes, you do need to make an appointment to visit. My studio is at my home (it’s at the end of my garden), it’s not a shop open to the public. And as it’s where I do all the making, I need a little notice to clear the desk!

How long does an appointment take?
Usually around an hour, but it’s very flexible. Sometimes we are done quicker, or if needs be we can take a little longer.

Can I bring my partner, my Mum, bridesmaid, or someone else?
Yes of course. I can accommodate up to three people, plus me, for a studio meeting. No more though please, as it’s just a little studio!

When do you have appointments?
I usually have appointments available on weekdays between 10am and 4pm, a couple of evenings a week from 6pm, and some Saturday mornings before 12pm. You can check my current availability on my online calendar.

Can we take samples away with us?
No. All my samples are handmade and I keep them in my studio so that other couples who visit can also see them. I’m more than happy for you to take away swatches of materials for colour matching. If you’d like to order a sample to be posted on to you, I can do that for a small charge.

Can we still meet if we can’t get to your studio?
Yes of course, I offer video and telephone appointments too. We can do nearly as much via Zoom as we can in person. I’ll send you a full quote after we talk, and if needs be I can put sample swatches of materials in the post to you. My availability for Zoom consultations is also on my online calendar.

So that’s what you can expect when you visit my Cardiff studio to design and order wedding invitations and stationery. It really is the best way to get it all sorted. Just sitting down and talking to a human (me!) who knows what they’re doing and has years of experience to share with you will help to put you at ease and make the whole process enjoyable.

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