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Wedding ceremony stationery – What is a wedding order of the day?

What is a wedding order of the day and do you need one? Well, in simple terms it’s a timeline or guide to what is happening throughout your wedding day. If you are having a civil or non-religious ceremony then you might choose to have one in place of an order of service for a church wedding. That said, many couples choose to have an order of the day as well as their order of service. You can display it at your venue or put it in your invitations, it’s up to you. Confused yet? I’ll explain.

wedding order of the day board with a navy blue floral design
Navy blue floral wedding order of the day sign

Why do you need a wedding order of the day?

A wedding order of the day can really help your guests know where to be and when. You want to be sure that no one misses the main events such as the ceremony, speeches, cutting the cake, or your first dance. So, if Aunty Edna can see that there is a break between you cutting the cake at 5pm and the first dance at 8pm she knows she can nip off to her room for a little nana nap and a quick freshen up without missing anything.

Do you put order of the day in your invitations?

If you have the timings finalised in time then you can include your order of the day in your invitations. This is popular with couples who are having a day that maybe doesn’t follow the traditional wedding timeline. Maybe you’re planning a destination wedding or something a little out of the ordinary. A wedding order of the day card within your invitations can help your guests arrive prepared and relaxed.

wedding confetti bag with order of the day
Blush pink wedding order of the day timeline

Do you need it on a sign at the venue?

The most useful place for your order of the day will be somewhere at your ceremony and/or reception venue. A beautiful sign at your venue is the most popular format with the timings either as a list or a graphic timeline. If you are marrying in a church you could include an order of the day on a page within your order of service booklet. If you prefer the personal touch then an individual card placed on each of the ceremony chairs is a great option, they make lovely keepsakes for your guests. If practicality is your thing then personalised, printed confetti bags do two jobs in one!

What goes in your order of the day?

It’s really up to you what you put in your wedding order of the day. The only advice I will give here is to keep any timings approximate. Weddings have a habit of running a little behind schedule! Don’t try to include too much detail as this will just confuse people. Outline the main highlights of the day, just enough that your guests know where they need to be, and when. Here are some of the things you could include:

  • Ceremony
  • Wedding Breakfast
  • Speeches & Toasts
  • Cutting the Cake
  • The first dance
  • Evening buffet
  • Time to say goodnight
wedding order of the day board with a burgundy floral design

So, what is a wedding order of the day?

Simply put, it’s a basic timeline of what is happening on your big day. It’s a great way to make sure your guests are fully clued up about the running order of the day, so they know what to expect and when. You give them this information in advance (in their invitation), on the day (a sign, individual card, or a page in your order of service), or both. Just make sure you keep it simple, clear and try not to be too precise with the timings.

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Thinking about including an order of the day in your wedding invites?

Pocketfold invitations would be a great option

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