Wedding invitation addressing & sending

I have a number of services that can help with wedding invitation addressing and posting. These will be helpful for you if you are short of time, are not confident in your handwriting, or are looking for a fully managed service to get your wedding invitations sent out to your guests.

an open wedding invitation showing inserts printed with a sky blue floral design

1. Printing guest names onto invitations

Are you worried that your handwriting isn’t the best and you don’t want to ruin the look of those beautiful invitations? Or maybe you’re just a little short on time and would prefer not to write them all.

Addressing wedding invitations with guest names is available on both wedding and evening invitations for a small additional cost.

coloured wedding envelope liner with a gold wax seal

2. Wedding envelope addressing

Don’t fancy spending hours writing addresses onto your wedding invitation envelopes? I can print your addresses onto your envelopes and pop your invitations into them as well, all ready for you to seal and send. I don’t use address labels for this service, I print directly onto the envelopes for a cleaner and more professional finish.

The cost for this service will depend on the number of invitations, and whether the invitations have names that need to be matched up to envelopes.

pink wedding invitation envelopes with gold stamps

3. Wedding invitation addressing and posting service

This is a fully managed service that I offer. I will address your envelopes, place your invitations inside, as well as purchase the correct stamps and take them to the post office on your behalf. I will obtain a certificate of posting for you. I can do this for invitations going to the UK and abroad.

The fee for this service will depend on the number of invitations and of course the cost of the postage itself.

What information do I need from you to address your wedding invitations?

For any of the services listed here, I will need you to supply a fully spellchecked list of names and/or addresses exactly as you would like them printed. I can supply you with a template to fill in. If you need to supply handwritten lists that require typing up before I can use them, additional costs will apply.

If you would like to add any of these additional services to your order for wedding invitations, just let me know. I will be happy to discuss prices with you.

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