personalised confetti cone with colourful flower petal confetti

Eco wedding confetti ideas for your big day

Eco wedding confetti – what’s that I hear you ask? Well, it’s wedding confetti that is biodegradable and eco friendly. My personal favourite is natural dried flower petal confetti and this is what I use in my personalised confetti cones and bags. It’s natural, sustainable and has very little impact on the environment. Of course, there are lots more ways to use it in your big day than the traditional cones and bags. Here are some of my favourite eco wedding confetti ideas for your big day. 

handmade rustic wedding invitation with flowers, a rustic recycled kraft envelope, sprinkled with colourful natural dried flower petal biodegradable confetti

Add a little eco wedding confetti to your invitations

Sprinkle a little eco friendly joy into your wedding invitation envelopes to delight your guests when they open them. This is a lovely ideas especially if your beautiful handmade wedding invites feature a floral design. My Wildflower wedding invitations and stationery collection would be just perfect!

Create a natural dried flower petal aisle runner

Larger dried flower petals can be used along your aisle to create a fabulous, floral runner. And of course, using natural materials keeps this gorgeous bit of wedding decor wonderfully eco friendly. Or, as an alternative how about having your flower girls (or boys) sprinkle petals along the aisle ahead of you as you walk down. Adorable!

personalised wedding confetti cone with a modern monogram design, filled with colourful natural dried flower petal biodegradable confetti

Eco wedding confetti cones

Probably by far the most popular of my eco wedding confetti ideas is the traditional confetti cone. I can make them to match your handmade invites and stationery, fully personalised for you and your wedding. They’re made from recycled paper so eco friendly too. You can either have them empty to fill with your own eco wedding confetti, or with my own carefully sourced natural flower petal confetti mix. If you’d like boxes or trays to display them then I can source those for you too. Better still – why not reuse or upcycle a pretty basket or box for a more sustainable option.

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Decorate your tables with eco wedding confetti

How about decorating your tables with eco wedding confetti? The natural flower petals will really dress up crisp white linen and are a much more sustainable option than the plastic glittery option or acrylic table crystals. Do check with your venue that they allow the use of confetti indoors though.

personalised wedding confetti bag with an order of the day timeline, filled with colourful natural dried flower petal biodegradable confetti

Eco wedding confetti bags

Pretty little printed bags for your eco wedding confetti are a great ‘two in one’ option. Mine are made with glassine (a slightly see through paper) that can be printed with your own message on the front “Sprinkle the Love” anyone? Or, why not display your order of the day timeline on there? These confetti bags are the perfect alternative to the traditional cone or the less eco-friendly options like organza or plastic. Place one of each chair at your ceremony or display in a sweet upcycled basket or box for your guests to help themselves.

See my wedding confetti cones and bags

That all important confetti shot

Now I couldn’t write a post about eco wedding confetti ideas without mentioning that all-important confetti shot! This is the one that will take pride of place in the wedding album. Natural flower petal eco wedding confetti falls and flutters beautifully to help you and your photographer create that perfect pic. The best bit is of course that being completely natural and biodegradable, dried flower petal confetti will completely break down leaving no waste behind afterwards. Again though, a little caveat here that you should always, always check with your venue that they allow confetti before going out and buying yours!

So there you go, my favourite eco wedding confetti ideas. There are so many ways you can sprinkle a little love (for the planet) and include eco wedding confetti in your big day. From your invitations, down the aisle, on those reception tables and of course in confetti cones or bags for that fabulous finale confetti shot. The possibilities are endless. Which is your favourite? I’d love to know. Why not pop on over to Instagram and drop me a DM.

See my wedding confetti cones and bags

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