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5 Reasons to choose local handmade wedding stationery for your small wedding

If you’re planning a small wedding you might be wondering what to do about stationery. After all, you’re not going to need 50+ invitations and then 100 place cards and order of service booklets. A quick online search might reveal scarily high minimum order numbers, inflexible packages and faceless, online ordering processes. Choosing a local handmade wedding stationery business to make your invites and other stationery could be a much better option for you. Here’s why.

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As a small business I offer a low or no minimum order for wedding invitations and stationery

The clue is in the name isn’t it? Micro wedding, small wedding, intimate wedding, tiny big day. Whatever you call it one thing is for sure, the numbers attending are going to be small. The number of invitations you need might even be in single figures. This is where handmade comes into its own. There is likely to be a much lower (if any) order quantity or value than some of the online shops or high street names.

At By Jo, I do nearly all of my stationery production in house. Design, proofing, printing and assembly. is all done in my studio. This means I have complete control over everything and I can keep my order quantities as low as possible. Generally, the minimum I will make is 5 invitations – which on a one per couple ration is enough for around 10 guests. That’s a pretty small wedding! For all the other little bits of stationery you might need, the minimum is about the same. 

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You’ll get great quality and personal service from a local handmade wedding stationery expert

Going small on numbers shouldn’t mean you need to compromise on design, detail or quality. Whatever size wedding I am working on I use the same materials and apply the same level of attention to detail and quality of workmanship. This applies too for all the help and advice I can give you along the way. You’ll need to include the same details and wording in your invitations whether you’re asking 10 or 100 guests to join your celebration, and you’ll have the same questions that need answering. Having the support and service from a local handmade wedding stationery business will be invaluable when planning your micro wedding.

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I offer complete customisation and personalisation because your small wedding isn’t ‘off the shelf’

Custom, bespoke invitations and stationery are my favourite kind. I don’t create ‘off the shelf’ wedding invites because I don’t believe your wedding is an ‘off the shelf’ event. Working with small numbers of invitations gives me an opportunity to take this to a whole new level. Personalised wording for different family members, invitations in different languages, bespoke embellished postal boxes, the list is endless! If you are choosing to have an intimate wedding then why not use some pennies you save on all those additional guests to really wow your nearest and dearest with local handmade wedding stationery. Take a look at these inexpensive table runners you may be interested on to ensure an elegant decoration at diner.

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As a small local handmade wedding stationery business, there is the ultimate in flexibility

I’m often asked if I do stationery ‘packages’, and my answer is yes – I do bespoke packages, created with just the items you need in the quantities you need them. I don’t believe you should have to order 25 place cards if you only need 17, same with invitations and any other stationery you need. I realise too that wedding plans and guests can be unpredictable, so if your numbers change mid planning then your order can too (if it hasn’t already been made – obvs!). Choosing local handmade stationery will give you more flexibility to get just the package you need for your small wedding.

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You’ll have peace of mind from seeing where your wedding invites and stationery are made

When you choose me to make the stationery for your special day you can visit me in my studio. You can see exactly where your invitations and place cards are made. You get to meet and interact with a real life human being (me!). Buying local handmade wedding stationery means that when your goodies are finished you can collect them from my studio. You don’t have to worry about things getting lost or damaged with a courier.

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And finally, it’s just nice to support small & local isn’t it? 

Have you seen this saying that often does the rounds on social media?

This is so very, very true. When I set up my business I made a conscious decision that I didn’t want to be a faceless online service for stationery. I wanted to meet you, my clients, help you design your perfect wedding invitations. I love to see your excitement and happiness when you collect your finished stationery. When you choose a local handmade wedding stationery business I guarantee the owner will be doing a little happy dance.

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Hopefully here, I’ve given you some great reasons why local handmade wedding stationery would be the perfect option when planning your small wedding.

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five reasons to choose local handmade stationery for your small wedding

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