Order of Service Booklets

Guide your guests through the church service with music, readings, hymns and prayers.

coral and blue wedding order of service

For a church wedding you will usually need an order of service.

This booklet contains the details of your wedding ceremony, including music, readings & hymns. It helps to guide your guests through the ceremony and gives them those all important words so they can sing along at the appropriate times!

You might also like to include details of the bridal party and perhaps a personal thank you note for your guests.

Popular sizes are A5 (A4 folded in half) or dinky little pocket size A6 (about postcard size).  Amazingly you can fit pretty much the same amount of detail in either size (and not with a font size so small it’s unreadable).  

Of course, if you’d like a different size or shape just let us know and we’ll see what we can do!  Our standard prices include up to 8 printed pages, but you can have more or less depending on the number of hymns and other text you might want to include.

A simple design to coordinate with your stationery is perfect. Perhaps a kraft card outer tied with lace or twine for a rustic theme, or crisp white or ivory with a fine satin or silk ribbon for a more classic & elegant look.

We recommend ordering at least one per household/family and a few spares, although many couples prefer to order one per guest. Don’t forget extras for the minister and the choir.

What do you need to include in an order of service?

The exact details to include and the order it all goes in can vary quite a lot from church to church. As a general guideline you should include:

  • Couple’s names, wedding date, ceremony time & church
  • Entrance music
  • Hymns (include all words in full)
  • Readings (what and who they will be read by)
  • Details of any music/musicians played during the signing of the registers
  • Prayers
  • Recessional music
  • Details of the Bridal Party
  • Any special thank you’s if you want to

Always check with your minister or church first as they often have a standard template for you to follow.

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