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  • Before the Day Wedding Stationery
    Save the Dates

    Let your guests know they need to “save the date” before you confirm the details with an official wedding invitation

    Save the date cards can be sent out as soon as you have booked the big day, a year or more in advance, and are especially useful if you are getting married in the height of the holiday season or at other busy times like Christmas or Easter. It can be a nice touch to send out your save the date cards exactly one year to the day before your wedding.

    They are not essential, but can help your guests if they need to book accommodation, arrange transport etc. A simple, small flat card or one of our little hanging hearts or luggage labels are ideal. Calendar style are also popular. Magnets can be added to lots of our designs so your guests can stick them on their fridge. You will need one per household, and if you’re not sure whether someone will make it to the final guest list it’s probably best not to send them one!

  • kraft-laurel-wreath-bellyband-invitation

    Before the Day Wedding Stationery
    Bellyband Invitations

    A bundle of invitation and information cards, held in place with a decorative band

    A contemporary invitation, the bellyband style is becoming increasingly popular. The main invitation is usually A5 size (although we can make other sizes if you like!) and comes with coordinating information card and RSVP card with an envelope (or a postcard if you prefer).

    All these cards are designed to layer up beautifully and be held together with the decorative bellyband – made from layers of card and paper, ribbon, fabric, lace, twine or any combination of! This style of invitation is really flexible as they can be made in any size, with any number of extra cards

  • Before the Day Wedding Stationery
    Cheque Book Invitations

    Similar to the pocket fold, cheque book invitations include separate pages for guest information and RSVP

    Cheque book (remember those!?) invitations are about 10cm x 20cm, have card covers and a number of pages, stepped down for easy reference, inside. They are great when you need to send your guests extra information before the wedding day.

    The last page is usually a detachable RSVP card, which can either be supplied as a postcard (with your address printed on the back) or with a separate envelope. They work really well on designs where the ‘spine’ can be punched and tied through with ribbon, lace or twine.

    They look really great with our fabulous, sparkling glitter card as the covers. Our standard prices include three pages, usually the invitation, a guest information or wedding gifts page and the RSVP postcard. You can add extra pages (they can comfortably accommodate up to 5), or print the pages double sided if you need more space.

  • Before the Day Wedding Stationery
    Evening Invitations

    Classic folded or flat invitations are the most popular choice for evening party invitations

    You’ll need evening invitations for those guests invited to the evening reception only.  Remember that your guests from the day will not need an additional invitation to your evening reception.

    Evening invitations can be sent nearer to the wedding than the wedding invitations, but many couples choose to send them all at the same time.  You often won’t need to include as much information with your evening invitations as you do for day guests so a simple flat or folded card is ideal.  You can include a reply card if you want to but many just use a phone number and or email RSVP.

    We can print your guests’ names onto your evening invitations if you wish. In our experience though the evening guest list tends to be more flexible and therefore many couples choose to write their guests names in.

    Just like your day invitations, you will need one per household/family, plus some spares.

    Click here for guidance on how to word your evening invitations.

  • Before the Day Wedding Stationery
    Flat Invitations

    Simple, elegant and timeless – our flat invitation cards work well for all themes and designs

    Our flat invitations are made up of two or more layers of card firmly fixed together.  The top card is printed with your invitation details while the back is blank.

    Embellishment can range from a super simple, elegant Swarovski pearl or crystal accents to full on bling, brooches and bows!

    They can be used for wedding or evening invitations, but we think they are most suited to evening invitations where you are less likely to need to give your guests lots of information.  You can of course include loose guest information and RSVP cards if you want to.

    Our flat invitations vary in size between collections.  The smallest are landscape 15cm x 10cm, some are are a tall shape at 9cm x 21cm and most are square measuring 15cm x 15cm.

    As with all our invitations, printing and white or ivory envelopes are included.


  • Before the Day Wedding Stationery
    Folded Invitations

    A classic looking invitation that your guests can stand up on their mantelpiece.

    Folded invitations are a classic, just like a birthday card that your guests can stand up on their mantle piece. Most popular sizes are square or tall, but we can make any size you like. The embellishment is on the outer of the folded card and all the information is on the paper insert.

    The invitation itself will take up one side of the insert and a limited amount of guest information (usually venue details and a gift poem) can be printed on the facing page.

    Perfect if you prefer a more traditional style of invitation, you don’t have masses of extra information to tell your guests and you don’t want to include a reply card (although you can slot one in if you want to!).

  • classic bow pocketfold

    Before the Day Wedding Stationery
    Pocketfold Invitations

    Our ever popular pocketfold wedding invitations allow you to include additional information and RSVP cards

    Available in a range of shapes and sizes, the most popular being square, long (like a purse or clutch bag) and postcard size.

    Some have a single fold with a pocket so they stand up on their own, others have an extra fold and flap (held together with a bellyband). They work best as wedding invitations where you need to give your guests a fair amount of extra information e.g. accommodation details, menus, gift list details or poems.

    Our standard prices include the printed invitation panel, one information card and an RSVP postcard. You can have an RSVP card with envelope if you prefer and you can add extra information card is you need to.

    For extra detail and colour on the inside of the pocketfold you can add borders or ‘mats’ to the invitation panel and the largest guest information card.

  • Before the Day Wedding Stationery
    Pull Out Invitations

    Simple flat cards, or a bundle including guest information and RSVP cards, contained within a decorative wallet

    Pull out wallets have the invitation printed on a layered card nestled inside a decorative wallet. You can add extra loose cards (up to two is comfortable) inside the wallet too – perhaps a gift poem card and an RSVP?

    They come in a range of shapes & sizes – coloured, glitter, rustic, laser cut – the possibilities are endless! On the more enclosed wallet, the invitation tends to be more simple and comes with a ribbon, lace or twine 'tab' to help pull it out, the main embellishment will be on the outer wallet.

    On the open and laser cut pockets the invitation can be more elaborate as it's visible without removing it from the pocket.

  • Before the Day Wedding Stationery
    RSVP & Guest Information

    Guest information cards

    Furnish your guests with all the information they need to plan for the big day!  Include things like venue details, menu options, transport and accommodation arrangements plus gift list details if you want to.

    Loose guest information cards can be added as extras to any of our invitations, we'll make them the right size to fit and print them in the same font and style as the invitations.  Pocketfolds and pull out wallets are the best designs to include them with.

    RSVP cards

    Reply cards encourage a timely response from your guests. We love postcard style (with your RSVP address printed on the back), or we can make them with a printed envelope instead.

    As well as the all important accept or decline, they can include menu choices, travel arrangements and even song choices for your band or DJ!

    For pointers on how to word your RSVP cards and what to include on a guest information card, see our article HERE.