Wedding fayres in South Wales: My top tips on how to make the most of them!

In the midst of planning your big day? Then I’m sure you’ll have a few lovely wedding fayres in South Wales marked on your calendar – EXCITING! As a wedding professional, I’ve been exhibiting at fayres since I started my business in 2006. I have had good ones, bad ones, and everything in between and I’ve learnt a few lessons along the way. I know your time is precious and that your wedding day means the world to you, so I’ve compiled a little list of top tips to help you make the most of your day at the fayre!

a display if wedding invitations and stationery at a wedding fayre in South Wales

1. Take your wedding team to wedding fayres in South Wales

Spouse to be, parents, in-laws, bride or groom squad – take your pick! Not only will you love sharing the excitement with your nearest & dearest but they’ll also be great to ‘bounce’ ideas off.  They will appreciate being asked to get involved and will come in very handy for carrying the goody bags, freebies and MASSES of leaflets and business cards that will come your way! (PS…if you need a little pick me up at any time, do feel free to swing by my stand, I almost always have chocolate!)

2. Be prepared for all the paper

Buy yourself a document wallet or folder that you can divide into sections by supplier….e.g stationery, cakes, cars, photographer, etc. Then, as you toddle around the wedding fayre, being handed business cards left, right and centre, you can pop them straight into their relevant section making looking through them (once you’re home on the sofa with a nice cuppa) SOOO much easier!

Bonus tip: If you come across a supplier that you want to remember when you get home, mark their leaflet or business card in some way. Folding over or tearing a tiny piece off the corner is a great way to do this.

a picture of printed business cards and mini brochures for a wedding stationery company on display at a wedding fayre in South Wales

3. Set up a specific wedding email address

Not just for when you visit wedding fayres in South Wales, this is a must as soon as you start wedding planning! There will always be freebies and offers to sign up for and it’s so much easier if you have them all going to a separate inbox rather than clogging up your regular one.

4. Ask ALL the questions at wedding fayres in South Wales

I LOVE meeting and chatting to brides and grooms to-be at fayres, and I’m sure that any wedding supplier worth booking will feel exactly the same way. Don’t be afraid to approach experts at wedding fayres and pick their brains….I promise they will be delighted to help you. Wedding fayres are a great opportunity to explore different things that you might not have thought of, ask all the questions you have, and just see what’s out there for you.

a blush pink floral wedding invitation set with a vellum jacket wrap, twine and a gold was seal

5. Don’t be afraid to get hands on

Whenever I exhibit at wedding fayres in South Wales, I always welcome and encourage couples to get hands on with my invitations and stationery. I have a vast product range and selection and it’s really important to me that you are comfortable to have a good mooch through all the beautiful things. I know that, particularly with stationery, the touch and feel element is really important. So come and pick things up, and have a good look.

6. Look out for on the day offers at wedding fayres in South Wales

Often, suppliers will have a discount or offer available if you book on the day of the fayre. These are a great opportunity to get some extras or save a bit of cash on something you would have booked anyway. But, don’t get carried away and blow the budget booking extra things just because they’re a great deal at the time.

vellum and silk ribbon wedding place settings, on display at a wedding fayre in South Wales

7. Wear comfy shoes!

Now there’s a reason you will never see me in anything other than my DMs or Vans at a wedding fayre! When you visit any wedding fayre in South Wales, break out the flats or your trainers. There’s normally quite a few stands to get around at a wedding fayre and I guarantee you’ll want to revisit a few suppliers a second or third time. You’re making important decisions and need to be thinking about all things wedding…..rather than your aching soles!

I regularly exhibit at wedding fayres all around Cardiff and South Wales. I’d love to see you at my next one.

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