a wedding sign on an easel with a greenery border and the words welcome to our unplugged ceremony please switch off your phones

Unplugged wedding sign ideas: 11 of my favourites

Unplugged wedding signs are becoming more and more popular. As our everyday lives become increasingly digital, we all sometimes need a little reminder to not be distracted. A simple sign at your wedding can help encourage your guests to put away their phones and devices, and take the time to be fully present in the moment for your ceremony. Here are my 11 favourite unplugged wedding sign ideas.

1 Welcome to our unplugged ceremony

Welcome to our unplugged ceremony

A short but sweet, and to the point sign. Simple ‘welcome to our wedding’ signs are already popular. Adding the unplugged element will be a subtle reminder to your guests to put those phones away. This does assume, though, that they will all understand what you mean by unplugged. Read on for more suggestions, that can be used on their own, or following this simple title.

a wedding sign with pink floral design, saying switch of and smile. Put away your devices for our ceremony

2 Switch off & smile

Switch off and smile.
Please switch off your devices and stow them away, we’d love to see your smiles aiming our way.

Encouraging your guests to put away the distractions, and avoid that all too familiar dipped head pose!

3 No photos until after the ceremony

Please honour our wishes with no photos until we’re announced as Mr and Mrs!

Perfect if you are happy for guests to take photos, but you’d like them to wait until after the legalities. You could reinforce this message by asking your registrar or celebrant to make a short announcement saying something similar.

a modern black and white unplugged wedding sign, asking guests to be fully present during the ceremony

4 Fully present unplugged wedding sign

We invite you to be fully present during our ceremony, please turn off all devices and enjoy this special moment with us.

We’re all a little guilty of allowing the tech to distract us from what’s going on in the here and now from time to time. I know I am. This is a great way to remind your guests to be present in the moment. 

5 Cameras away for the ceremony

We thank you for coming to share our day, but for the ceremony please keep all phones and cameras away

Straight to the point. I doubt there would be any wedding guest who could misinterpret this one!

a wedding sign on an easel asking guests not to take pictures during the ceremony

6 Respect the photographer unplugged wedding sign

There’s a guy (girl) here taking pictures, we asked him (her) to come.
So please rest your cameras, our ceremony needs only one.
Thank you!

You’ve hired a photographer, and probably paid a handsome fee for them to capture your special day. There’s no harm in letting your guests know this, and reminding them to let them do their job.

7 A simple ‘no pictures’ unplugged wedding sign

No pictures, pretty please
We invite you to sit back, relax, and enjoy being present during this beautiful moment in our lives
Our wonderful team of professionals will capture every moment of our ceremony
We respectfully ask that you leave your phones and cameras tucked away and out of sight as if they didn’t exist
We promise to share our images with you

A variation on the unplugged wedding sign wording above, but with a little more detail

a wedding sign with an autumnal design, asking guests to keep their snaps under wraps until after the day

8 As we tie the knot please be our guest

As we tie the knot please be our guest
The photographer here will do the rest
These moments go fast as I’m sure you well know
so put your phones and cameras down as we’ve hired a pro.

A similar message, asking your guests to respect your professional photographer, but with a little rhyming humour.

9 Oh Snap!

We really want to see your faces, not your devices
Please put away your phones and cameras until after the ceremony
Our photographer is awesome and loves to share!

I like this one. It’s short, to the point and leaves your guests in no doubt as to what they should do.

a wedding sign with a greenery border design, the text says welcome to our unplugged wedding ceremony, please switch off your phones

10 ‘No Distractions’ unplugged wedding sign

Please, the bride & groom request the joyful sight of your smiles without the distraction of electronic devices or cameras

There’s that word again, distraction. This is a great little reminder to your guests to put those distractions away and fully immerse themselves in the moment.

Create your own unplugged wedding sign using my inspiration

So there are my 11 favourite unplugged wedding sign ideas. Displaying one of these signs at your ceremony can help to encourage your guests to put away their phones, devices, and cameras, and be fully present for the duration of your ceremony.

You can use any of these phrases exactly as they are or adapt, mix and match to create a bespoke unplugged wedding sign that perfectly suits you and your wedding.

I can make unplugged wedding signs in all different sizes from A5 (15cm x 21cm) to A1 (59cm x 84cm). Have it made to match your other ceremony stationery like your welcome sign, order of service, or reserved seating tags. Or to coordinate with your invitations.

Get in touch to discuss your unplugged wedding sign ideas

Give your guests advance warning that your ceremony will be unplugged

If you know you’re planning an unplugged ceremony early on, why not mention it in your invitations? This will give your guests a bit of pre-warning, and they won’t be surprised when they see your unplugged wedding sign as they arrive for your ceremony. A short little sentence would suffice, something like this 

“We respectfully request that guests put away their phones and cameras during the ceremony as professional photos will be taken throughout the day. We invite you to enjoy the moment, and we promise to share our pictures with you after our celebration.”

Pocketfold or concertina style invitations will allow you the most space to include additional information like this.

I do hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and now have lots of inspiration for your own unplugged wedding sign ideas. If you’d like to find out how I can help you with them, or indeed any part of your wedding stationery from save the dates to thank you cards, just get in touch! I’d be happy to help.

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