plantable seed paper wedding invitation with a pretty botanical greenery design

Plantable wedding invites: 5 reasons to choose them

It’s no secret that I think plantable wedding invites are the best thing since, well, recycled wedding invitations actually – but that’s another blog. Made from recycled materials and filled with seeds that grow when you plant them, what’s not to love!? I get it though, you might need a little more convincing, so here are my 5 reasons to choose plantable seed paper wedding invitations.

1. Plantable wedding invites are eco-friendly

Plantable paper is made from waste materials, meaning that no trees are cut down to make it. The paper is completely biodegradable so, when it’s planted, it safely decomposes back into the earth leaving the seeds to grow and bloom. And, because it’s designed to be planted, not thrown away or recycled, it’s pretty much a zero waste option for your wedding invitations.

concertina style wedding invitations with a bright, colourful ink splash design printed on plantable seed paper
Bespoke, concertina style plantable wedding invitations

2. Plantable invitations have a quality, tactile finish

OK, so I can attempt to describe this here but you really do need to touch and feel the plantable seed paper to appreciate it. The surface of the paper has a wonderfully soft, tactile finish, almost warm to the touch. When it’s trimmed to size, the edges and corners are smooth and crisp, but not sharp. The overall effect is that your invitations have a great quality feel, but with a warm friendly

3. Seed paper prints beautifully

A natural off white in colour, plantable seed paper takes a printed design beautifully. Colours appear rich and vibrant, while soft watercolour designs take on another dimension. Text prints crisply, so there’s no problem getting all those important details across. Finally, the paper is lovely and thick, which not only gives a feeling of quality, but also there is no bleed through to the opposite side, making it perfect for double sided wedding invitations.

seed paper wedding invitation with a printed wildflower design
Concertina, seed paper wedding invitations from my Meadow Flowers collection

4. Plantable wedding invitations double up as gifts for your guests

When you choose plantable wedding invitations, you are giving your guests an extra little gift in the flowers they can grow. When your guests plant their invitation and see the seeds sprout and bloom, they have a wonderful reminder of your big day. Think of the seeds growing as a symbol of your love!

5. Wildlife will love you for choosing them

The seeds embedded in your plantable invitations will sprout and grow into lots of wildflowers. Bees, butterflies and other wildlife will hugely appreciate these, giving them food, pollen and a place to live. And we all know how important it is to save the bees, right!?

So there you have it, my top 5 reasons to choose plantable wedding invitations. In my opinion they are the obvious choice for wedding invitations if you are trying to be more eco friendly. With plantable seed paper, I can make beautiful, quality wedding invitations for you that are planet friendly and biodegradable. When you send them out you are giving your guests a little extra gift, and when they plant them they will be helping the bees and butterflies.

a wedding invitation with a eucalyptus leaf design, printed onto plantable seed paper
Flat wedding invitations, printed on seed paper, from my Eucalyptus collection

If you are considering having plantable wedding invitations, I would recommend either a simple flat card style, or a folded, concertina wedding invitation. Both of these types of wedding invitations can be printed onto plantable seed paper and look great when they are.

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And of course, it’s not just wedding invitations that can be printed onto plantable seed paper. I can create save the dates, order of service, place cards, menus and favour tags too, if you like.

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I do hope you’ve enjoyed reading my 5 reasons to choose plantable wedding invitations, and I hope it has persuaded you to consider choosing them for your big day. If you’d like to talk more about how to make your wedding invitations a little more eco friendly why not get in touch. Head to my contact page where you can send me an email, or book an appointment or call with me if you like.

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