autumn design wedding invitation with a vellum jacket, jute twine and a copper wax seal

Sustainable wedding invitations: 5 materials I use to create them

I create beautiful, sustainable wedding invitations and stationery. I do this using a whole range of recycled and eco friendly materials. Now often, when I mention eco friendly and sustainable wedding stationery, it conjures up an image of brown paper and string, a very rustic look. Well here’s the thing, while brown paper and string can be very ‘green’ they are not the only materials available. There are a whole hose of paper, boards and embellishments I use to create sustainable wedding invitations. In this blog I’m going to introduce you to some of my favourite materials that I use to create invites and stationery, and why I’ve chosen them for their environmental credentials.

brown kraft paper envelopes
Recycled kraft paper envelopes are the perfect, sustainable finishing touch for your wedding invites

1. Kraft Paper and card – the go to for sustainable wedding invitations?

Well, I mentioned it in the intro, let’s address this one first. Kraft paper is the brown paper that is often used for packaging boxes, paper bags etc. Before you ask, yes, it’s kraft with a K not a C. It comes from the German word meaning strong. Kraft paper was originally developed for packaging purposes and therefore needed to be strong. The kraft that I use in my stationery is made from 100% recycled material. It can also be recycled again and again after use. And while I’m calling it kraft paper here, it comes in various guises i.e. card, paper and envelopes. Kraft is great for achieving that vintage, rustic look and works really well with bold designs printed in one colour. If you want to add just a touch of rustic to your stationery, why not use kraft envelopes?

pretty floral wedding invitation with pink roses and a striking royal blue pocket fold
Royal blue recycled card gives a contemporary pop of colour to these sustainable handmade wedding invitations, from my Coral Roses collection

2. Recycled and recyclable paper and card comes in all colours

Brown kraft paper and card isn’t the only recycled material I use. I’ve sourced a couple of lovely smooth bright and natural white cards made from 100% recycled material. They are great for printing colours into and perfect for my floral designs. I also use a range of beautifully coloured cards manufactured in the UK. This range (while not recycled) is fully recyclable and biodegradable. It is FSC certified, meaning that the wood pulps used are all from managed forests. These cards are perfect for pocketfolds and adding a pop of colour to your sustainable handmade wedding invites. Matching papers, envelopes and envelope liners are also available.

autumn theme concertina style sustainable wedding invitation printed onto plantable seed paper
Plantable seed paper wedding invitation from my Autumn collection

3. Plantable seed paper makes great sustainable handmade wedding invites

One of the newest additions to my range of printable materials is plantable seed paper. It’s completely tree free (it doesn’t include any wood pulp) and biodegradable meaning that it breaks down harmlessly in the earth. It is packed with seeds that, when planted will grow into beautiful, bee friendly wildflowers. I love plantable seed paper, it prints beautifully, and am slowly but steadily working it into my complete range of wedding invites and stationery.

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autumn design wedding invitation with a vellum jacket, jute twine and a copper wax seal
A concertina style wedding invitation from my Autumn collection, inside a vellum sleeve, finished with twine and a wax seal

4. Vellum paper is a lovely addition for added luxe

What is vellum? It’s that semi transparent paper that you often see made into sleeves or jackets on wedding invitations. It can be printed or just left plain and I love it. It is recyclable and a great alternative to using plastic or acrylic for your sustainable handmade wedding invitations and stationery.

sustainable handmade wedding invitation with a eucalyptus design and natural jute twine
A wedding invitation and information cards from my Eucalyptus collection, finished with jute twine.

5. Natural jute twine is a rustic finishing touch for your sustainable handmade wedding invites

So we talked about brown paper, now what about the string!? Jute twine is a rustic looking string that is made from vegetable fibres. It’s completely natural and biodegradable and is a great alternative to ribbon. I often use very fine twines (in natural brown or bleached ivory) to wrap around invitations or to tie tags. Thicker versions are also available and in different colours too. These are great for adding to menus or reserved seating tags.

So there you have it, some of my favourite materials to use when I create sustainable handmade wedding invites and stationery. Recycled kraft and FSC certified coloured cards and papers form the basis of the cards. These are great to print on, with plantable seed paper as a fantastic tree-free alternative. Envelopes too are recycled and or fully recyclable. Translucent vellum is a great paper based alternative to acrylic (plastic) invites and stationery. For embellishment, I love to use natural, biodegradable twine in a host of different colours.

I hope you will agree that sustainable wedding invites and stationery are not all about brown paper and string. There’s a whole host of elegant yet eco friendly materials available to create the perfect invitation suite for your big day, while being conscious of your impact on the environment. If you’d like to chat more about how I can help you with this, get in touch – I’d love to hear from you.

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