Eco friendly wedding favours: 7 ideas

Wedding favours are a token of thanks from the happy couple to thank their guests for sharing their special day. Traditionally wedding favours were five sugared almonds wrapped in layers of organza and tied with ribbon. The sugared almonds represented health, wealth, happiness, children and long life. These days just about anything goes, from sweets to alcohol, candles to lotto tickets. Why not bring your favours up to date and go for a more eco-friendly option instead. Don’t panic though, eco-friendly options for wedding favours doesn’t have to be wrapped up in brown paper and string (unless you want to of course!). Check out my 7 favourite eco friendly wedding favours ideas

1. Bee friendly wildflower seeds in a tin

Wildflower seeds are a fabulous wedding favour. Package them up in a reusable tin or a recyclable envelope and add a quirky message. How about ‘Let Love Grow’. Your guests can take them away and have a lasting reminder of your big day when their bee friendly flowers bloom. Green Manatee have these adorable little tins, that can be personalised with your guests’ names so you don’t need a place cards as well.

plantable seed paper wedding place cards
Plantable paper place cards – a great alternative for eco friendly wedding favours

2. Plantable paper place cards as eco friendly wedding favours

Every guest sitting down to share your wedding breakfast with you will need a place card. Why not have them printed on plantable seed paper and turn them into an eco friendly wedding favour as well. This is a great budget friendly option too and will also reduce waste.

Eco friendly wedding favours and stationery with a greenery design

3. Edible goodies in an eco friendly cardboard box

Edible wedding favours rarely go to waste. To be eco friendly you could choose plant-based options like fudge, chocolate or sweets. Make sure you present them in a recyclable glass jar, aluminium tin or compostable cardboard box. I love these traditional welsh cakes in a compostable kraft card box from Green Manatee.

4. Plantable seed paper hearts or tags

Plantable seed paper isn’t just for place cards. It also makes a great eco friendly wedding favour on its own. Die cut into a heart, butterfly, flower or another shape that fits your theme, it can simply be placed at each guest’s table setting with a personal thank you message, and instructions on how to plant it of course! Want to add a little extra? Turn your plantable seed paper shaped into drinks tokens, and treat each guest to tipple on you!

eco friendly soy wax candle personalised wedding favour

5. Soy wax candles make great eco friendly wedding favours

Have your heart set on beautifully scented candles for wedding favours? Vegan friendly soy wax is far more sustainable and eco friendly than paraffin wax. And of course, you can’t beat the aromas released from candles scented with natural essential oils. After the candles have been used glass jars can be reused or easily recycled.

6. Personalised plantable paper wedding menus

Personalised menus are a popular addition to wedding table settings, especially if your guests have chosen and pre-ordered their wedding breakfast. Why not have your wedding menus printed onto plantable seed paper, and add a little thank you note to the bottom. They then double us as the perfect eco friendly wedding favour for your guests to take home.

let the fun begin eco friendly wedding favour tag

7. Miniature bottles of spirits in glass bottles for eco friendly wedding favours

Wedding favours that contain alcohol will rarely go to waste. Locally produced spirits like rum, gin or vodka can make great eco friendly wedding favours. Glass bottles are easily recyclable and they need no extra packaging other than perhaps a recycled card tag attached with natural jute twine or string.

So there you go, my 7 ideas for eco-friendly wedding favour. If you are looking for a truly zero waste option, you can of course forgo wedding favours altogether. They’re certainly not a ‘must have’. But, if you want to go with the tradition, try to think of options with little or no packaging, things to eat or drink, or things where the container can easily be reused or recycled. There are so many exciting things to choose from, and as I promised – not all wrapped up in brown paper and string.

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