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Plantable seed paper – 6 ways to incorporate seed paper in your wedding stationery

Plantable seed paper is a fabulous, eco friendly material embedded with thousands of seeds that, when planted, will grow into gorgeous, bee-friendly flowers or herbs. It prints beautifully and makes a perfect alternative to recycled card for making eco friendly, sustainable wedding invites and stationery. But how exactly can you incorporate plantable seed paper into your wedding stationery? Can it be used throughout your stationery suite or only for specific items? Here are 6 ways to incorporate seed paper in your wedding stationery.

1. Save the dates

Simple, single sided save the date cards are the perfect way to introduce seed paper into your wedding stationery theme. You can send save the date cards up to two years before the big day, as soon as you have booked your date and venue you are good to go. They don;t need to include very much information at all, so a small or postcard sized card with printing on one side is perfect.

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2. Seed paper wedding invitations

When it comes to wedding invitations, simple flat, folded or concertina wedding styles work great when printed onto seed paper. Even the detachable reply postcard include with my concertina invitations works well when printed on it. Of course, if you need to include axtra info sheets or reply cards then it’s up to you whether you want them all printed on seed paper or now. It’s fine to have mix of plantable and recycled card. O keep waste to a minimum by creating a website for all the extra details and an email for the replies.

3. Order of service or order of the day

If you’re after a simple single sheet, or folded card for order of service/order of the day, then plantbale paper is a great option. An A4 sheet, folded to A5 is just the perfect amount of room for all the details and a couple of hymns in an order of service. A simple order of the day will easily fit onto a postcard size single card. Of course – remember to have the planting instructions printed discreetly on the back too.

4. Place cards and individual menus

Place cards and individual menus are the perfect opportunity to use plantable seed paper in your wedding stationery. Each guest that joins you for your wedding breakfast will need one so that’s a whole lot of regular paper saved. If you add a little thank you message along with the planting instructions then they can double up as favours too. A clever, no waste, eco (and budget) friendly way to thank your guests for joining you on your special day.

5. Plantable seed paper wedding favours

Using seed paper tags for your favours is a lovely idea. You can attach the tag to small gifts (Green Manatee has a fantastic range of eco friendly and sustainable options). Or, just a simple card, printed with a personal message and the planting instructions on it’s own could be all you need. Let love grow!

6. Thank you cards

Sending a handwritten thank you card to your guests after the big day is a given. But sending one that printed on plantable seed paper would give it a real wow factor. The recipients can plant the card and watch a gorgeous reminder of their day with you grow when the seed sprout and bloom.

So as you can see, there are lots of ways you can incorporate seed paper in your wedding stationery. From save the dates to invitations, in your ceremony and reception stationery, wedding favours, and finally in those all important thank you cards. You don’t need to use it for every piece of stationery. You can mix and match or just pick one part of your big day, maybe your place cards, to use it. Plantable seed paper really is so versatile, and being 100% tree free it’s a great alternative to recycled card for your wedding invitations and stationery.

Want to know more about plantable seed paper, what it is and how it works? Go have a read of my blog here:

Plantable seed paper wedding stationery

I can print many of my existing wedding stationery designs onto plantable seed paper. Here are just a few examples. If you’d like to know more or talk about how you can incorporate plantable seed paper into your wedding stationery get in touch, I’d love to have a chat.

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Also check out my sister company Green Manatee for a fabulous range of eco friendly and sustainable wedding stationery, favours and gifts.