Wedding Invitations in Cardiff – 5 reasons to visit the By Jo studio

Wedding planning is back on! You’ve booked your venues, your cake and photographer so now it’s time to start thinking about wedding invitations, save the date and any other stationery you might need for your big day. Want to shop local, support a small business and get your wedding invitations in Cardiff? Here’s five reasons you should visit the By Jo studio.

Real samples to look at

You’re looking for beautiful, handmade wedding stationery. You want to pick up samples, feel the quality of the board and materials and really understand what your stationery will be like. We have a whole range of different samples available for you to do just that. If we don’t have the invitation you like in your colour scheme then we can often mock up designs with the materials we have on hand. The beauty of handmade, bespoke stationery is that anything is possible. When you visit the By Jo studio we can quickly and easily show you lots of different design options and colour schemes. You won’t have to request or buy numerous different samples or swatches by post.

Accurate colour matching


It’s really hard to match colours accurately on a smartphone or laptop screen, they never look quite the same in real life. When you visit the By Jo studio we love you to bring along your colour swatches (bridesmaid dresses, chair sashes, the Groom’s tie!), scrapbooks and Pinterest boards. Then we can match colours to our huge range of papers, board, ribbons and embellishments that we have in stock. The result; all your bespoke wedding invitations and stationery will be perfectly colour coordinated.

Expert advice

By Jo was established in 2006 so we have years of experience in both invitation design and wedding planning.  When you visit the studio we’ll not only work with you to design your perfect wedding invitations, we’ll also help to ensure they are functional and practical too. We will advise on when to send them out, how many you should order, the right words to use and any other stationery you might need for your big day. At By Jo you don’t just get beautiful, handmade stationery but a complete and personal service guiding and advising you through the whole process.

Pre-arranged, exclusive appointments

We’re a working studio, not a shop. So when you book an appointment to visit the By Jo studio you’ll have our complete and undivided attention. We’ve worked hard over recent months to ensure that we can deliver face to face design consultations in the safest, but most enjoyable way to design wedding invitations in Cardiff.

Consultations last about an hour and in that time we’ll talk about your wedding theme and style, guide you through the design process, work out what stationery you might need and give you a fully personalised quote. Want to read more about how our appointments work at the moment? Have a read of my blog HERE.

Local Cardiff business, real people

Ordering online is great, what would we have done without it over the last few months? But when it comes to something as important as your wedding invitations, you’ll need the reassurance that real people are there to help you through the whole process. When you visit the By Jo studio, you’ll see exactly where your invitations and stationery will be made, and who will be making them (me!). You’ll get a real feel for the style and quality of stationery that we make. You’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing that you are supporting a local, Cardiff based family business rather than a giant faceless corporation.

Studio making wedding invitations in Cardiff

So there you go, five great reasons to come and visit the By Jo studio and find the perfect wedding invitations in Cardiff! Your questions and queries answered, your perfect, bespoke design achieved, your colours matched and your prices confirmed, all in a one hour informal consultation with us. Just think of all that online searching and ordering samples we can save you. 

If you’d like to arrange and appointment to visit us, pop over to our contact page and get in touch.

We have appointments available most week days from 9am until 3pm, then in the evenings from 6pm and some weekends too. The studio is in Taffs Well, just off the M4 and A470 north of Cardiff, so easily reached from Caerphilly, Pontypridd, Bridgend & Newport too. You can find us on Google Maps HERE.