Valentine’s day wedding – our top tips

Valentine’s Day – February 14th – is widely considered to be the most romantic day of the year, the perfect date for your wedding? If you do go for this early Spring day you have the perfect excuse to go to town with the romantic details and touches.

The most Romantic Welsh wedding venue

We know we have stacks of beautiful wedding venues here in South Wales, but did you know that Hensol Castle was recently voted ‘Most Romantic Wedding Venue’. If you haven’t been there, head over to their website to check it out (even better, pay a visit – you won’t be disappointed!).

Whether you choose an indoor or outdoor venue, ensure everyone’s safety by hiring security guards that specialize in event security. You may check this out to find the right people.

Valentine and heart theme wedding stationery

Your save the date cards and invitations will be the first little glimpse your guests have of the theme for your big day. Set a romantic tone with the ultimate symbol of love – hearts. Have a look at our blog for loads of ideas on how to bring a Valentine’s heart theme into your wedding stationery.

rustic wedding invitation with hessian and lace

But a wedding isn’t just about the stationery, obvs! So, we’ve talked to a few of our best South Wales wedding friends to bring you some top tips and must haves for the ultimate Valentine’s day wedding!

Styling & decor for a Valentine’s wedding

Adele is the Area Director for Simply Bows and Chair Covers, with oodles of experience in dressing venues to create the ultimate romantic ambiance.

“When I think Valentines I think red and how would I bring this into my tables and decor? Personally I am not a lover of red but I love other colours that work beautifully with it, like burgundy, pink and the greens of foliage. I would select my current favourite piece;, brass candlesticks, vintage bottles and brass terrariums to create a relaxed informal tablescape. I love this image I found on pinterest and this would be my starting point.”

Use accents of red mixed with softer tones of blush, pink, cream or white to avoid looking festive. Charger plates laid with napkins provide a beautiful background for valentine inspired menu cards or place names. Use coloured napkins, coloured muslin table runners to pull a colour through your table design.

To introduce a Valentine’s theme to the ceremony you could hang simple decorations or tie posies to wedding chairs. They can be used on aisle chairs or randomly hung throughout the seating area.

Roses are red, violets are blue . . .

Anne Marie of Petal Power Wales gives us a valuable insight into the world of flowers and how getting married on Valentine’s day may influence your choice of blooms. While your initial thoughts might turn to bouquets and buttonholes brim full of ruby red roses you might want to reconsider.

“If you are planning to get married around Valentine’s and flowers are important to your day you may want to allocate more money to your flower budget. Generally, any fresh cut flowers and/or plants shipped February 1-15th will be more expensive.”
Read more on Anne Marie’s fantastic blog post about why this is.

Of course, she also has some excellent tips and tricks to keep those costs under control while still having your uber romantic Valentine celebration.

“The easiest is to simply stay away from ‘traditional’ Valentine’s flowers and stick with locally grown seasonal flowers. Daffodils (so many varieties to choose from), Narcissus, Tulips, Helebores, Muscari, Hyacinths. The list is truly endless. After all, red roses are not the only flowers which say ‘I Love You’.”

“If you do have your heart set on those red roses, spend your money wisely. Focus on using displays where people will see them, enjoy them and where the photos are being taken. Do you really need to blow your budget on ceremony flowers? Yes it would be nice to walk through a floral arch as you enter the church but you will see it only for a few seconds.”

If you are on a tight budget a beautiful floral wreath or heart at the door would be gorgeous, also it can be easily transported to the reception, save the money for the red rose bouquet you have your heart set on.

Feeling all Lovey Dovey?

So you’ve got your showstopping decor and stunning flowers, how about some beautiful white doves to seal the deal?  The White Dove represents Love, Peace, Faith, Hope & Fidelity, who’s not looking for that in their marriage?  Lynne Morgan of Lovey Dovey explains the significance of releasing doves at your wedding;

“The romantic gesture of releasing doves is 2 fold; As the doves fly off on their journey home, the bride and groom have just started their new journey together. The beating wings symbolic of freedom to love and freedom to grow. Secondly the white dove mates for life, as the couple have just vowed to love each other for life, the white dove is the ultimate symbol of love and fidelity. Their release celebrates this vow.”

Romantic wedding favours

filigree heart wedding favour boxes

Wedding favours were traditionally filled with five sugared almonds, to represent health, happiness, fertility, long life and wealth. Essentially they are a grown up version of the ‘party bag’, a token of thanks from the happy couple given to guests at the wedding. Have fun with different romantic themed ideas for example love heart sweets, heart shaped chocolates or just heart shaped tags on boxes or bottles.

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