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Handmade wedding invitations – What style of wedding invitations are best for you

Are you just starting out on your wedding planning journey? Feeling totally confused by the world of wedding invitations? Don’t know where to start? Do you need a pocketfold, a bellyband, a laser cut wallet with intricate embellishment?

In this blog we’ll explain about the different kinds of wedding invitations we offer at By Jo. In future articles we’ll look at what extra information you should include, if it’s OK to ask for gifts and whether or not you need reply cards.

intricate laser cut wedding invitation
Intricate laser cut wedding invitation

Laser cut invitations 

Available in an array of stunning, intricate designs. Choose from beautiful filligre outers that wrap around a printed card. Flat or folded card with decorative backgrounds; or delicate cut out pockets to hold the invitation and information cards. We also make a very clever double fold design. It incorporates all your guest information along with a tear off reply post card, ask us for more details!

Bellyband invitations 

A flat wedding invitation with a co-ordinated bundle of guest information and RSVP cards. A decorative, slipover bellyband holds all the cards together, making these invitations perfect when you need to give your guests lots of additional information. Alternatively, for a different look, opt for twine or silk ribbon instead of the bellyband . You can add embellishments or tags for extra detail.

bellyband invitation with glitter
Gold and black glitter bellyband invitation

Pretty, rustic floral pocketfold invitation

Pocket-fold invitations 

Folded cards with an internal pocket to hold an RSVP card along with other guest information and gift cards. These are most popular for wedding invitations where you need to give your guests a fair amount of extra information. For example; accommodation details, menus, and a gift list or alternative poem. Our pocketfolds come in a variety of sizes, some like a clutch bag, square top opening or dinky little pocket size envelopes.

Pull-out pocket invitations 

Or wallet style; a card with a ribbon or string tab that allows it to be pulled out of it’s pocket. The wallet can contain a single, layered invitation card. Conveniently include additional cards (e.g. guest information and RSVP cards), either loose or held together with a ribbon. Keep the outside of the wallet simple with a little printing and some crystal accents. Or go wild with ribbons, glitter & embellishments.

Luxe gold and greenery wedding invitation

Cheuqe book style wedding invitation

Cheque book invitations 

These have stiff card front and back covers. The pages are trimmed to graduated sizes, fixed together along the left hand edge. The back page is usually printed as a tear out reply postcard (with your address printed on the back). The front cover is creased so that it opens easily, just like a cheque book. These are great for wedding invitations where you need to give your guests extra information.

Folded card invitations 

A card outer and a stiff paper insert. They are creased on the side and open up like a book to show the printing on the insert. They can be used for wedding or evening invitations, perfect if you want a traditional, classic looking invitation. A little guest information can be included on the left hand side of the insert, but if you need to include reply cards they will be loose in the envelope.

Classic folded invitation, vintage lace style
Peaches & cream laser cut flat invitation

Flat invitations 

Made of layers of flat card firmly fixed together. The top card is printed with your invitation details while the back is blank. Ribbons, crystals or laser cut details can be added.  They are great for evening invitations where you don’t need to give your guests lots of additional information.

Whichever style you choose, fully coordinated high quality envelopes and all printing are included. If you’d like to upgrade to coloured envelopes or postal boxes, just let us know. We can print your guest names and addresses or add stamps to envelopes too, if you’d like.

All of our designs are bespoke and can be fully customised to incorporate your chosen theme and colour scheme. Are you after a traditional folded card, or something more contemporary? We’re sure to be able to create something perfect for you and your wedding day….

Get in touch with us to arrange an appointment to visit the studio. Here, you can have a look at samples and discuss your wedding stationery requirements with Jo.