Order of the day – what should you put in it?

For a civil or non-religious ceremony you might want to have an order of the day, or order of ceremony. It can contain music and readings for a civil ceremony as well as a running order of the day.

It is not essential but can help your guests to know what to expect during the day, particularly if you are following a non-traditional timetable. They can also make a nice keepsake from the wedding.

You could have the same booklet type format as our booklet order of service (with up to 8 pages), or a more simple folded or flat card sized to fit the information. Please contact us if you would like a quote.

Again we recommend one per household/family, although many prefer to order one per guest.

Example of a simple ‘order of the day’:

3.00pm The Wedding Ceremony in the Drawing Room
3.30pm Photographs in the castle grounds, champagne served in the courtyard
5.30pm Speeches and toasts in the Orangery, followed by the Wedding Banquet
7.30pm Drinks and dancing to ‘Midnight Jazz’
10.00pm Evening snacks in the Lounge

It’s a good idea to mention that all timings are approximate, it’s not unusual for things to run a little behind schedule!!

Information to include in an ‘order of ceremony’:

Bride or Groom’s entrance music
Any readings or poems during the service
Any music to be played during the signing of the register
Music for the exit of the newlyweds
Details of the bridal party
Any special messages of thanks etc

You can include both and order of ceremony and an order of the day in the same booklet if you want to.

You can also include things like details of the venue – particularly if it has historical significance, or the surrounding area if your guests are staying for days or nights after the wedding.